Show the membership scheme the red card!


Hull City Supporters’ Trust is asking all fans to join in a protest against the scheme at the Brentford match on Tuesday night.

Despite the very vocal concern of thousands of fans about a scheme we have dubbed “morally reprehensible”, the club seem determined to press on with it.

We’re asking all fans to hold up A4-sized red cards (HCST will be supplying these at a variety of points outside the stadium, but by all means bring a stock of your own to give to your neighbouring supporters) as the players and officials line up for the sponsor photographs. We’d also like them to blast out, “Membership scheme, you’re having a laugh!” at the same time.

Once the match has kicked off, it’s back to supporting the team, but if at half-time the club again try to sell the scheme, we’ll repeat the protest.

It’s really important that people demonstrate how unhappy they are about this iniquitous scheme. Even if you’re saving money, spare a thought for those juniors and seniors who will now be excluded from watching City in what will likely be a disastrous move by the club.

We’re calling for volunteers to help distribute the A4 “red cards” HCST have sourced. If you’re interested in helping, get in touch via any of the usual means or simply meet us at The William Gemmell pub on Anlaby Road from 6pm or at the West Park Gates from 6:45pm to collect some cards.


Please don’t dispose of the sheets wastefully; you might need them again for the Bolton and/or Rotherham matches! Otherwise, perhaps use them to write a note to the owners and deliver them to the club. We want to be environmentally friendly.


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  1. I will not be attending any more games this season, My season card will remain in the drawer

    My protest is a simple one, I have ripped my membership pack in half including the “application form” and sent it back to the club with a note saying “If I haven’t earned my stripes after being a season ticket holder for 72 years then I never will”

  2. Duncan Berriman on

    Count me in, as it is I will not be a season ticket holder next year (nor will by wife and child). Big decision after so many years supporting City but I’ve had enough and don’t want to be part of making this devisive unwarranted scheme a success.

  3. Another family lost here too. Our cost works out very similar but it’s the principal of taking away concessions. It’s simply unfair. My son will have to pay the same as everyone but he can’t attend alone as the rules state any child 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult. How is that fair to take away his price concession yet he still has to make a concession for the club rules. We will always be city supporters but will be watching in the pub. Such a shame.

  4. I will not be renewing my membership after 50 years of supporting City, home and away. The most heart warming reaction at Saturday’s match for myself and my family, was the anger and dismay shown by the fans who sit around us, most of whom will be better off financially, We were touched because, even though they will remain and sit in their chosen seats which they have occupied since the stadium opened, it will not be the same for them without us, they said, The owners will never understand this, hence their insensitive actions. We are again fighting a massive uphill battle, but fight we must. Keep up the great work, Saturdays will never be the same.

  5. Duncan Berriman on

    The red card display will hopefully get this issue noticed by the national media which has so far only reported the club’s original announcement in glowing terms. A walkout won’t achieve anything other than to distract the team who are trying to build on their recent improved form with an eye to the playoffs. We have to do something different to achieve maximum media impact not replicate what others have done.

    We need to do something which does not affect the team we support but make it clear to the management that there is a great deal of anger at the membership scheme from all ages, from all types of supporters including many of those who will be better off.

    That said it’s each to their own so whether you remain at home, walk out at some point, please don’t simply accept this scheme. Get your red card on your way in and proudly display it before the match and when the scheme is advertised. A mass of red cards will have a huge visual impact as it does on the occasions when the club use it.

  6. Barry Fleetwood on

    After 50 years unbroken support for my club I WILL renew – nothing, and nobody, will force me to stop supporting my club. The membership scheme is indefensible, and I support
    the red card protest. Well organised and responsible, and a credit to the organisers. And the media profile is very professional. Owners and managers come and go; fans don’t.

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