2024/25 Match Ticket and Membership Price Increases

April 5, 2024

The Trust is well aware of the careful, not to say, agonising consideration that has been given by the Club prior to today’s announcement of prices for watching the Tigers next season. Against a backdrop, nationally, of raging inflation since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and huge increases announced by certain other clubs, there is a general increase of just under 15%. This is the first increase in the two years since the change of ownership and it follows reductions in prices two seasons ago. 

A full price membership in the highest price category, Zone 3, equates to less than £21 per home game over the 23-match season. A senior member in the same zone pays just over £13.50 per match. To some, the introduction of a charge for under 10s might be unwelcome, but this equates to only £1.83 per match. The new prices compare very favourably with many other clubs in all divisions of the EFL and in lower leagues.

The Trust respects and supports the need for these modest price increases and urges all supporters to do the same. We’re all part of One Family, One Dream.

Chris Stern


Hull City Supporters’ Trust

3 thoughts on “2024/25 Match Ticket and Membership Price Increases”

  • http://David%20Kelley

    Whilst agreeing that there should be an increase, it is unfair to penalise the loyal members, who have supported the club & even paid their fees through the pandemic, whilst not been able to attend the games. An increase of 15% is too large & can only be acceptable if the owners agree not to give as many concessionary tickets (either cut price or free) next season. We members should not be penalised to make up the shortfall.

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