Welcome to the Hull City Supporters’ Trust

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If you are not 100% sure what we are and what we aim to do, you can read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Joining Us

We have two types of membership:

Full Shareholding Membership (£5 1-year/£11 3-year/£41 life membership) – this membership is for anyone over the age of 16, and entitles the member to one non-refundable £1 share in Hull City Supporters’ Trust. You can choose to join for one year, three years or take a lifetime membership.  Your Trust share will remain yours until such time as your membership lapses. This share entitles you to your vote at Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings (you can also appoint a proxy to cast your vote on your behalf at a General Meeting).

Your membership will last for a calendar year, plus whatever days remain until the end of the month – so if you join on any day during January 2019, your membership will last until 31 January 2019.  Three year memberships follow the same rules, with two extra years added.

Junior Non-Shareholding Membership (£1) – this membership is only for people under 16 years of age on 1st January of this year. The membership is a one off payment which allows Junior membership until their sixteenth birthday. Our Trust Rules do not allow under 16s to purchase a share in the Trust although they can be non-voting members and enjoy all the other benefits of Trust membership.

All payments must be submitted online and will be processed by Paypal. Once you have signed up, you will receive your membership card within a few days.

Note – you can pay using a credit/debit card even if you don’t have a Paypal account.  See the instructions on the next page for details.


Once you have filled out your details and submitted your payment, you will be added automatically to our mailing list.   Our primary means of communication to members will always be via email. If you experience difficulties with our emails then please get in touch at and we will sort out your problem.

We issue a Newsletter approximately every 2 months, although the frequency may change during the year.  This allows shareholders to keep fully up to date with the work of the Trust and the latest developments affecting Hull City.

Note – we no longer use  Mailchimp as our email distribution tool, so we no longer experience the issues with Hotmail email addresses that we used to.

Trust Rules

By joining the Hull City Supporters’ Trust you agree to comply with the Trust’s Rules (click here to view them). The Rules are in our registered name of Tigers Co-operative Limited, our trading name is Hull City Supporters’ Trust – trust us, it’s the same thing!

Data Protection

The Hull City Supporters’ Trust will collect and store your data only for the purpose of maintaining a membership database and communicating with members. Please be assured that we will never share your details with third parties – including our Supporters’ Trust Partners – and never use your details for any purpose other than conducting the business of the Trust.


We thank you for joining our Supporters’ Trust, and we look forward to working on your behalf to further to cause of Hull City and Hull City supporters in as many ways as we can.

Peter Tarbitten
Secretary, Hull City Supporters’ Trust

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