Welcome to HCST’s online Hull City AFC museum, which we intend to be a repository of, well, artifacts, objects of interest if not art. From programmes and fanzines to garments (fetching or ridiculous) worn by players and fans, from fan memorabilia to bits of Boothferry Park – if it can be photographed or scanned and (especially) if there’s a story to go with it, we intend to capture it here.

This is, obviously, going to be a labour of love which will take shape over a fairly lengthy period of time, so do bear with us. So who is this “us”? Your curators are –

Martin Batchelor, collector extraordinaire, who is working out the best way to present programmes in the museum;
Les Motherby, kit guru, who has provided the section on (surprise) the kits;
Ian Walters, who lugs the exhibits into the museum.

Feel free to contact us if you have anything of interest. (Bear in mind we’re after high-quality photographs, with a white background if possible, as well as the story behind each object if you have one.)

If you’ve a general query, or have a yen for joining the team, please contact Ian.


The Museum

Here are the different sections of the museum. You can enter each room, or, to save shoe leather, you can access every part of the museum from this page by simply clicking on the links below. (We’ll make clear when the exhibits are open to view).


The Reading Room

Here you will find publications, produced by the club, by fans or about City –





Videos and DVDs

Other material


The Dressing Room

Here you will find garments worn by players and fans –

An overview of Hull City AFC’s kit history

Hull City kits season-by-season

Other player wear

Fan wear, whether official merchandise or fan-made

The Standing Room

Those parts of our old grounds that didn’t make it to the scrapheap


The Trophy Room

Club memorabilia

Fan memorabilia


Want to know more about Hull City?

The museum deals in artifacts, but if it’s data you’re after go to TigerBase, Matt Wales’s statistical repository of information about the club: matches, players, managers, season and opposition records.


Situation report:

Cataloging has begun on: The Reading Room (Books; Videos and DVDs); The Dressing Room (Hull City kits season-by season; Fan Wear); The Standing Room; The Trophy Room (Club memorabilia; Fan memorabilia).

Completed sections: The Dressing Room (An overview of Hull City AFC’s kit history).