HCST Write to Hull City To Seek Urgent Clarification on Membership Scheme Terms and Conditions

May 2, 2016

Hull City Supporters’ Trust has today written to Hull City to seek urgent clarification in relation to a number of problems with the terms and conditions associated with the club’s membership scheme.

Some of these problems are potentially quite serious, and we would recommend supporters think carefully about the implications of signing up to these terms and conditions as they currently stand. We hope the club will see sense and change them, following the Trust’s intervention.

In summary:

  • The club appears to wish to sell contact details to third party marketing agencies, and supporters have no opportunity to opt out of this arrangement;
  • The club can increase the cost of monthly membership every 90 days (that is, up to four times a year), not just once a season;
  • The club insists on having supporters’ permission to undertake credit checks, yet the scheme is not a credit agreement nor is its terms and conditions structured to be a credit agreement;
  • The club has hiked up charges for lost cards and posting away match tickets, beyond what appears reasonable to cover administration costs;
  • The club insists that if you lose your card, you must confirm this in person at the KCOM Stadium – an obvious significant disadvantage and disincentive to out of town supporters;
  • There is no clarity as to whether play-off matches or European group stage ties are included or excluded in the membership scheme.

The full letter to the club can be read by clicking here.

More detail on HCST’s concerns about the membership scheme terms and conditions can be read by clicking here.

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