Do you fancy becoming the Trust’s Secretary?

March 27, 2016

The Trust is looking to appoint a new Secretary over the coming weeks – the current Secretary Mike Scott is still in place but is hoping to relinquish his role, having left the Board of Directors last month.  Mike is willing to handover the role to a new Secretary over a period of weeks if necessary.

The role is to deal with the administrative aspects of running the Trust, and being an independent voice that ensures the Trust’s Board enacts its own rules.  There are some relatively mundane tasks, such as submitting an annual report to the Financial Conduct Authority and preparing agendas/minutes for the AGM and bimonthly Board meetings (hosted in Beverley).

But there are also some really interesting challenges – being at the heart of the Board’s communications with stakeholders, plus ensuring that the Board’s rules and policies are also being complied with and dealing with people that step out of line.

The Trust’s administrative assets are in good shape and a full handover will be available.

Interested?  Drop us an email at to arrange an informal and totally non-committal chat.