Your Ideas Please – what should we call the Supporters’ Trust in the future?

December 7, 2014

City Till We Die members will know from the recent email they received from Mark Gretton, that CTWD is transforming from a campaign group into a Supporters’ Trust by merging with the Tigers Co-operative and taking it over as a new and vital independent voice for supporters of Hull City AFC.

You can find out more about what a Supporters’ Trust is by looking at our special Frequent Asked Questions page on our new website – just click the link.

The merger will happen in the coming weeks, with a first Annual General Meeting of the new merged Trust taking place at the end of January (date, time and venue details of the AGM will be made available over the Christmas and New Year period).

In the meantime, the name of the Trust is something that we would like members’ views on.  The CTWD Committee thinks there are some issues that need to be taken into account:

  1. The merger between CTWD and Tigers Co-operative is the coming together of two organisations under one unified banner – so if there is a desire to change our name, the ideal time is now.
  2. City Till We Die is a name that has acquired a high degree of recognition amongst City supporters, and is the banner under which you, loyal City fans, have come together to oppose the name change.
  3. City Till We Die has also attracted a degree of negativity, from within the club and amongst people that support Dr Allam’s ideas regarding Hull Tigers.  We don’t imagine that a change of name will kid the club or anyone else that we are a different organisation, but dropping the CTWD name may ease relationships.
  4. There is a strong irony associated with City Till We Die, an organisation born out of opposition to a name change, changing its name – we completely understand that as a Committee.

CTWD is a democratic organisation, so it is vital that we get the views of our members in order to decide our future name, it’s a major decision for the Supporters Trust.  We intend to put to the vote a choice of names to our current members, in order to decide what we are called in the future.  We will then finalise our new Supporters’ Trust constitution in draft form using the name that the members will have chosen.

Rest assured – City Till We Die will DEFINITELY be one of those names being voted on.

Firstly though, we want your views as members on:


Please email us at with your ideas.  We’d like to hear serious suggestions, and we’d appreciate one or two amusing suggestions to if you have them!

Please let us have your suggested alternative names by this Wednesday 10th December – we will put the front runners to a vote amongst members, which will be completed by Friday 19th December.  We will then be ready to open memberships to the new Supporters’ Trust prior to Christmas using our newly chosen name.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Mike Scott, Secretary, City Till We Die