Statement from Megan’s Dream Fund

August 25, 2017

Please see below a statement from Adrian Mitchell regarding the Megan Pratt Dream Fund

It gives me the upmost pleasure to be able to present, along with my fellow Admin Mark Walmsley, the balance of the funds collected during the campaign to assist Megan Pratt and her Family.

One year ago this week we heard the tragic news of Megan’s plight, and we instantly arranged a collection to give her a few luxuries, little did we know exactly how big the fund would become or how little time we would have. From it we managed to give Meg a few of her life’s dreams and paid for her final journey and celebration of her life.

During the campaign numerous groups assisted the Fans Forum in collecting your generous donations, it would be rude not to convey our gratitude and thanks to all for their assistance during those short few weeks, which resulted in collections exceeding £23,500.

Firstly to Ehab Allam, for personally giving us the permission to facilitate a bucket collection during the Chelsea game of 2016 and for withdrawing all other charitable collections on that day, also to the OSC who pulled together a large group of individuals to collect on that day, the sum of which was over £4000.

Secondly to 4 individual players who donated directly to the Just Giving fund at the time, Curtis Davis, Andrew Robertson, Jake Livermore and not forgetting the man that sent a personal message to me through his brother Tony, that he would take us up to our target at that point Robert Snodgrass. The Just Giving fund amassed a staggering £18,500 in donations from fans globally and we express our deepest thanks to each and every one of them.

Our 3rd person to thank is Jason Duer for arranging the Megan Pratt Memorial game (Sponsored by Hull City Tyres) the day was a massive success with local musicians playing. A special thanks to Dean Windass and his partner Francesca for putting together an all stars team, also to Ken Wagstaff for attending shortly after knee surgery to present the winners trophy. The day raised over £1000

A special thanks has to go to Ann Holland, Tom Rowell and James Mooney who assisted in opening doors and liaised with various departments to ensure everything ran smoothly and gave Megan one of her last wishes of meeting the team, Ann and Tom also arranged for a plaque in the South stand to create a lasting legacy at the ground for all, this was unveiled in secret to the family on Boxing day 2016 during the Manchester City game.

Finally a massive thank you to Geoff Bielby and the Hull City Supporters Trust, who held all funds securely in trust and arranged multiple payments to various companies through out.

We are now left with the final sum which is going to be split equally at the request of Megan and her family to two organisations that supported them throughout, firstly Eckersley House in Leeds who cared for Megan in her last weeks, secondly to Candlelighters who provided additional support to the family. Each will receive the sum of £3513.05 of which we all hope will provide much needed resource to their organisations, we would ask that if possible they could make a lasting reference to Megan somewhere within their facilities if possible, the cheques will be presented on Friday 25th August during the Bolton Wanderers game to representatives of the 2 groups.

Thank you one and all from the very bottom of my heart for all your support and assistance through out, if I have missed anyone I must apologise it is not intentional but so many helped and I am sure they will have a lasting memory also.

Many thanks once again from myself, Helen and Ken and not forgetting the lady herself….. Megan.

Adrian Mitchell

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  • http://Chris%20Skelton

    I was going to write more but sometimes words cannot express all that you feel.
    So proud of all associated with Hull City.

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