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November 23, 2017

Hull City 2 Ipswich Town 2 by The Football Widow

I’m not going to talk about football but more of the ambience and my observations of the ups and downs of 90 minutes! I am after all the football widow, following the dedicated writing of my husband’s book ’46 and counting…a family journey’. So in no way I am qualified to do so!

With Saturday afternoon upon us, we visited my mum, a big football fan, who even though has advanced dementia, still raises a smile at the mention of her hero King Kenny! As we left we asked her to cosmic order for the team and fans today, cosmic ordering I should explain is known as positive thinking, power of visualisation what you want. A difficult concept for my husband and son to understand in these current Hull City times. Our opponents today were Ipswich, (more fondly known as Light-switch town in our family, erroneously named by Tom in his infant football days!!)

It was the first game following Remembrance Sunday, it amazes me that some people don’t have the decency, compassion or understanding to hold their tongues for a solitary silent minute!

The last time I watched City I likened the performance to participants on an outward bound course, seemingly flung together and lacking the solidarity and component of a gelled team. But they won 6-1, as I said what do I know, I’m just the football widow! To be honest I’d had a couple of large glasses of wine and if we won, the promise of tea in Shoot the Bull was on the cards, so I wasn’t really too fussed as long as the score was favourable. A loss would only mean in a grumpy household and a bag of chips at best.

After only 3 minutes, the home fans were chanting to politely ask the owners to move on! I didn’t join in, I was enjoying today’s Hull Pie…steak and chorizo, a winter warmer if ever there was one! Worth the effort of trying to eat this culinary delight with a plastic fork, when in ‘Ull – the city of culture and all that!

Before the end of my pie we were 1-0 down. But on 34 minutes, we were back in the game with an equaliser from Bowen. This came at the right time, we were just beginning to feel the chill, and this lifted the atmosphere from despair to elation. Not long after half time we went 2-1 up! I chuckled to myself as at 67 minutes we made a substitution, Grosicki going off. Many of the fans stood up and applauded. How lovely this must this be for a player, I wonder if the same will happen when the night nurses show up for their 12 hour shift at Hull Royal Infirmary this Saturday night?

Once more despair fell and they were awarded a penalty, I told my husband not to worry and I quickly cosmic ordered, and assisted McGregor in saving the ball! No sweat! Most of the 15,526 (as if!) stayed until the end but by god you couldn’t half feel the draft after the mass exodus when the inevitable and now to be expected late equaliser went in to square things up at 2-2. So very sad to see so many empty seats at the KCOM.

My summary of today, watching Hull City sober is not for the faint hearted!

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