Statement Re: Ehab Allam Interview Hull Daily Mail 7th October 2019

October 7, 2019

In relation to the interview with Ehab Allam in which he states that there was a strained relationship with the Hull City Supporters Trust, leading to its exclusion from Supporters Committee meetings, we would like to state that the Trust have tried on numerous occasions to find middle ground. Yes there have been problems between personalities on both sides, however these have been in the past and it is time we moved on.

The Trust have always had the success of Hull City and its supporter’s enjoyment at heart.

We would prefer to move forward and re-build the previously good relationship between the Club and Hull City Supporters Trust, and the Trust have tried to maintain some contact with the club and find some compromise, however the Club have been unwilling to have any form of dialogue.

After a recent change in board personnel our new Secretary has approached the Club with this objective in mind. We have, however received no reply to her letter.

This could be considered to be a rejection of any form of dialogue towards the Trust. If Mr Allam, or any of his staff would like to contact us to discuss how we could have a future together, we would invite them to contact

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