Nigel Adkins Departure

June 9, 2019

­­­­­­The announcement of Nigel Adkins departure from the Club is both disappointing and concerning.

Since Ehab Allams statement referring  to ‘building bridges with fans’ we’ve seen another divisive poll where less than half the ‘eligible’ Club members voted, (when the opportunity should have been given to former members to have their say on potentially voting on a matter that could entice their return).

This has resulted in a welcome reintroduction of concessionary pricing, yet witlessly without the re-introduction of disabled concessions, but at the cost of the vocal North Stand members who are now either being unnecessarily moved to other areas of the ground or cancelling their memberships due to this Club stipulation.

The future of numerous players remain uncertain and now after two months of reportedly ‘positive talks’ between the Club and the Head Coach over a contract extension, the owners have apparently refused to acknowledge the concerns expressed by Nigel Adkins which now sees him leaving the Club with his backroom staff.

The continued mismanagement of the Club rolls into yet another summer of disruption and with the loss of another manager (that’s eight in eight years) causing more instability seems unlikely to attract potential investors willing to discuss an unrealistic asking price to enable the Club and the supporters to move positively together.

HCST would like to thank Nigel for his positive and professional tenure as Head Coach and understand why he’s had to make such a difficult decision but wish him well in his future career.