Members Vote On Concessions

May 10, 2019

­­­­­­The trust welcomes the opportunity for fans to have a vote on the return of ticket concessions or family bundles. However, there are questions and observations that we wish the club to respond to.

1 . We are very disappointed that lapsed members, the fans whom the Vice Chair indicates he wishes to build bridges with, are excluded from the voting process. This would be the equivalent of Tesco asking regular shoppers how to entice back shoppers who have taken their custom elsewhere. How can fans be asked to decide for others ?

2. Option B returns prices to the 2010/11 model. However, Disabled fans are excluded. Whilst the club are citing a, ‘level playing field’ as their arbitrary guidance  some of our disabled members and fans are indicating  vociferously they do not represent them. It cannot be the 2010/11 model if it does not include disabled fans as concessions. We would also wish for clarification on the age for Senior Citizen concessions.

3. Option B states that home fans in the North stand will be relocated. There is no explanation provided for this and it seems a divisive move. We therefore call upon the club to give the reasons behind this or remove it from the scenario.

4. Reference is made to the Upper West Stand. What will be the criteria for this to re-opened and will all maintenance work be carried out prior to re-opening.

5. Members of the founders 500 club, who are long standing supporters seated in w5 west stand had Senior Citizen concessions taken away and were made to pay corporate prices. Will the club be reverting to the situation as of 2010/11 in Option B

6. The Department of Digital Culture Media & Sport, DCMS have guidance rules on meaningful dialogue to football clubs. Clubs performance on this is monitored by The PL and EFL. Hull City partly meet these guidelines through their Supporters Committee.

HCST are not aware the latest poll on Concessions was discussed at the recent SC meeting. How can that be right?

7. We would like clarification on how the vote process will be transparent.

  • How are votes collected?
  • Who is monitoring the process to ensure impartiality?
  • Will the votes be fully published?
  • Will the club appoint an independent scrutiny officer?

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  • http://John%20Bragg

    I have had a Match day card, due to working shifts, and have managed to attend 14 home fixtures during this 2018/19 season. The club have happily taken my custom yet have excluded from the voting process. i thought you wanted to build bridges not drive me away from future attendance.

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