HCST Statement: The Membership Scheme 2017/18

April 3, 2017

HCST is disappointed yet unsurprised by Friday’s reveal of the latest version of Hull City’s Membership Scheme.

Despite what has obviously been a season of poor attendances at the KCOM Stadium (particularly compared to previous seasons when Hull City played in the Premier League), which has seen many lifelong fans being forced out of watching their local football team, the club has again shown its utter contempt towards fans of Hull City AFC.

What Happens Next?

HCST will have a senior representative at the Premier League fans meeting on April 25th where concessions (in particular those at Hull City) are on the agenda and Chief Executive Richard Scudamore will be in attendance. We will also be writing to the Premier League again this week to confirm whether or not these ticketing arrangements for next season have been approved by the Premier League or not.

We will also be continuing to try to arrange a meeting with the club. It was hoped that issues like this could be discussed at the Fans Forum which was due to be set up by the club by the end of January – unsurprisingly this has not been forthcoming.

It is clear the club has missed yet another opportunity to give the team and manager Marco Silva the support they deserve. The aim should be to fill seats by offering affordable tickets to all fans, including concessions to those that need them, not to take tickets off sale, close areas of the ground and alienate your own supporters.