HCST Statement against Online Abuse of Hull City Officials and Players

October 12, 2022

Hull City Supporters’ Trust is deeply concerned following the massive rise in online abuse against officials and players of Hull City AFC.

From Andy Flounders to Tom Eaves with Damien Delaney in between we have seen and heard players become boo boys with sections of our crowd.

We understand that Hull City fans are passionate and whilst losing is no fun and Sunday’s performance was below the expectations of many, the Supporters’ Trust does not accept abuse and the unwarranted heckling of players.

The Club is going through a period of change and, in a time when the pressure is on and the confidence of some players is low, we should be looking to encourage players rather than kick them when they are down.

Criticism is a normal part of life, but it is unacceptable for anyone, never mind football players, to face abuse at their place of work, and we would therefore ask all supporters – remember that a supporter is someone who is actively interested in, encourages, and wishes success for a particular sports team – to stand behind the Club and the team.

Only together can we move forwards and upwards… fans, management, players, and staff.