Get The KC Rocking

November 9, 2014

The summer move of City fans from the North East corner (E1 to E3) to the North Stand has, it is widely acknowledged, seen the atmosphere at the KC Stadium improve this season.  However there is still more than can be done to make the KC a cauldron of support for the home side and a fearsome ordeal for away sides.  City Till We Die would like to work with supporters, supporters’ group and the club to get the KC rocking.

The announcement that seats in Block N5, next to the new away fans’ area, will be released to season ticket holders next season offers a great opportunity to create a new singing area.  And the existing stands around the ground – including the newly formed singing area in the North Stand led by the ‘Ulltras – can all improve their vocal support of Steve Bruce’s team.

We can’t make this happen as individuals.  We need a collective of supporters to generate ideas (such as singing areas at the back of stands, and co-ordinating singing between stands) that can be considered by the club when they make decisions about ticket allocations in the future.  City Till We Die is able to provide a co-ordinating role for this collective, but we need volunteers to work with this group, bringing their ideas and imagination so that we can approach the club’s administration with some great ideas to get the KC buzzing every home match, from start to finish.

Interested in taking part?  Then send us an email to with a few basic details (your name and mobile contact details, where you live, what stand you sit in, why you think you can contribute to the group) and we’ll do the rest to get something started.

Hull City has its greatest ever team on the pitch – let’s create the KC’s greatest ever atmosphere in the stands.  Let’s get the KC rocking.