March 19, 2014

As Hull City AFC Vice Chairman Ehab Allam revealed on Saturday 15 March, the club are finally planning to run a ballot asking season ticket holders their views on the name change proposal. City Till We Die called for just such a poll on 18 November 2013, but Dr Allam said it was “not necessary.” 

The club have yet to announce the exact wording of the question which will be posed, or how the ballot will be run. However, City Till We Die are concerned that the voting form may be worded in such a way as to present the ballot as a vote of confidence in the Allams’ overall stewardship of the club, rather than the single issue of the name change. Our campaign has always been about retaining the name “Hull City”, and nothing else. 

We are therefore calling on the club to include TWO questions on the ballot form.

1. Do you agree with the proposed name change to “Hull Tigers”? – YES/NO

2. Do you support the Allam family’s continued ownership of Hull City? –  YES/NO

We know that many supporters wish to remain as Hull City, but are happy for the Allams’ ownership of the club to continue. 

We also hope there will be independent adjudication of the ballot, to avoid any doubt about the legitimacy of the results.  

As ever, we remain keen to explore alternative means of making the club financially self-sustaining, without the need for changing its historic name.

CITY TILL WE DIE – Ambition AND Tradition