January 31, 2014

CITY TILL WE DIE would like to publicly express our gratitude to the supporters’ trusts who have offered their support and/or submitted evidence to the Football Association regarding the proposed re-branding of Hull City AFC.

The decision that the FA have to make in deciding whether Hull City AFC may be renamed “Hull Tigers” is an issue that potentially affects fans of all clubs in England and Wales who treasure their heritage as much as we do.

This has been clearly demonstrated by the support CTWD have received from Supporters Direct and the trusts run by our fellow supporters up and down the country.

Support has come from fellow Premier League clubs such as the Swansea City Supporters’ Trust , who own 20% of their club, the Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust, Liverpool supporters’ union  “Spirit Of Shankly” and the Manchester United Supporters’ Trust .

Chelsea Supporters’ Trust, Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust, Newcastle United Supporters’ Trust , Norwich City Supporters’ Trust and Fulham Supporters’ Trust have also made their feelings known on the effect the decision could have on English football.

It isn’t only a decision that affects those lucky enough to play at the top level and receive the bulk of the commercial revenue in our game. Cambridge Fans United, Ipswich Town First, and QPR 1st have all called on the FA to respect both the history of football in this country and the role supporters play in our game.

CTWD would also like to thank The Dons Trust, owners of AFC Wimbledon, for their support. The process the FA will follow to determine whether it will allow Hull City AFC to be rebranded was established after the FA were powerless to stop Wimbledon moving to Milton Keynes in 2003 and becoming MK Dons in 2004.

CTWD continue to petition the Football Association to reject any rebranding of Hull City AFC until supporters of Hull City AFC have been properly consulted.