March 22, 2014

As you will know by now, the Allam family are polling Hull City AFC season card holders as to whether or not they endorse the name change of Hull City AFC to Hull Tigers. Fans have the opportunity to vote by email, or to place their completed voting form inside ballot boxes at the KC Stadium. The poll gives the following options:

* Yes to Hull Tigers with the Allam family continuing to lead the club
* No to Hull Tigers
* I am not too concerned and will continue to support the club either way

City Till We Die first asked the Club to poll pass holders in November of last year and we were told by Dr Allam that it was “not necessary.” So we were delighted at the news that the owners had finally come around to our point of view. But we are disappointed in these questions.

City Till We Die wrote to the club this week asking for the poll to have a straight yes or no answer on the name change, then a further question asking if the Allams should stay as owners of the club. We believed this would be the fairest way of getting a clear vote on the name change whilst allowing the fans, if they wished to, to show support for the owners. Sadly, the club have ignored us and, even worse, are implying in option one that a “yes” vote is the only way they will stay at the club.

We don’t expect that the Allams will immediately leave the club. For our reasons, please see here.

So what do we want you to do?

Vote No To Hull Tigers. This is your chance as someone who puts money into the club over a full season to show that you want to retain our historic name, with its link to our historic city.

Don’t be tempted to write on your ballot paper that you are against the name change but want the Allams to stay. This could be classed as a spoiled ballot, causing your vote not to be counted.

A No To Hull Tigers vote doesn’t mean you want the Allams to go. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to stay in the Premier League. It doesn’t mean you want to see our club cease to develop. It means just what it says; you reject the cartoon name which the owners want, without any justification, to foist on our club.

A No To Hull Tigers vote is a vote for moving forward whilst retaining our history. A vote for ambition with tradition.

If you have friends, neighbours or work colleagues who are unsure what to do, explain this to them. Direct them to these online links to our FAQ, our submission to the FA, and our advert. Or if they don’t use the internet, make sure they buy the Hull Daily Mail on Tuesday 25th March when the full page advert will be running.

Don’t let a badly-worded ballot put you off having your say. Don’t let heavy-handed hints about the future ownership of the club unsettle you. You have seven days to have your say on the historic identity of our club. Seven days to save our name. Act now. Vote No To Hull Tigers.