Match Day Ticketing Prices

August 2, 2019

The Trust have been contacted by a number of our members asking for our views on the new MatchDay Ticketing Prices.

We would make the following observations:

We still have no concessions for Disabled fans as there were in 2010… – this issue is a priority for us and we will continue to challenge the club on it.

The Match Day Ticketing Price scheme seem very complicated to understand – compare this with other clubs pricing models which are very straightforward..

The price of a Match Day card is very high – we understand that under EFL rules the club must make a ‘charge’ for these cards, but to encourage casual fans wouldn’t it be better to price them at a nominal £1?

We welcome the return of ‘concessions’ but are concerned at the pricing for Juniors in areas other than the Family Stand – why can’t the Junior pricing be reflected in all areas? – For example it will cost £36 for a 2 year old to sit with their parents/grandparents in W5 against Reading… How does this pricing model compare to the ‘2010’ model which we were meant to be returning to?…

The pricing structure also has an impact on Away Fans – already a number of Blackburn fans have said that they will not pay £18 for small children to go to a Tuesday night game which will be shown on Sky. Ryan Hildred, a Blackburn fan has written to us with his thoughts – The full email can be read here. It will be a shame to see an empty North Stand after all the hassle involved in moving our fans out of there for the new season..

In relation to Item 5 we have recently written to the club regarding a pricing cap of £30 for away fans – similar to the cap imposed in the Premiere League which has recently been extended to cover the 2020/21 season. This is part of a wider campaign by the Football Supporters’ Association under the banner #AwayFansMatter.

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