HCST Response to Wigan Defeat

July 15, 2020

Yesterday evening’s record equalling 8-0 defeat to Wigan Athletic was the result of years of mismanagement and steady decline coming home to roost. The club we all support is a national laughing stock and supporters are rightly sad and angry at the situation.

There have been calls for protests to be organised, which we completely understand. From the Supporters’ Trust perspective last night’s result has not changed anything regarding the underlying problems our club faces. The club has been on a downward spiral for years and there appears to have been no sign of a willing for this to change.

HCST is usually not a protest organisation. We have previously helped organise peaceful protests, the only type of protests we could consider being involved with due to our Trust status, which we don’t believe future ones would be effective against this current, unprecedented regime. It would also be irresponsible given the current global health pandemic to encourage any mass gatherings.

The most effective way of protesting is by withholding your financial support. At other clubs in similar distressed situations, it has always been financial reasons which have facilitated change. We appreciate this is a moral decision people have to make which is ludicrous considering all people want to do is support THEIR team and we therefore respect differing views on this.

Whilst protesting may bring some short-term relief and a chance to display frustrations, ultimately we don’t feel it will have the desired impact. We do however acknowledge your right to peacefully protest and will not criticise anyone for this. It is important nobody does as unity amongst the supporter base is essential, we all want a successful Hull City AFC.

The Trust, as it has been for a while, is focusing on engaging with potential new owners where we feel there is the greatest chance of bringing real change. This is obviously a lengthy process given the current asking price for the club with no guaranteed success however we will keep trying. We have also been focusing on other positive causes that we can influence in the local community.

HCST Board