HCST Attends EFL/FSA Supporter Engagement Meeting

June 17, 2022

On Tuesday, 14th June, 2022, HCST Director Geoff Bielby attended the EFL Supporter Engagement meeting as part of the FSA team. Geoff is an FSA National Council member and was asked to represent Championship Clubs along with his NC Colleague Tony Wilkinson from Blackpool Supporters Trust and STAR (Supporters’ Trust at Reading) Director Paula Martin.

The main topics of conversation were fan behaviour and stadium safety which took over half of the two-hour meeting with views expressed from all sides.

In preparation for the meeting Geoff had met Paul Woodford, Head of Operations to discuss this important topic from our club’s perspective. As at many clubs, poor behaviour since the return of fans to matches has been an area of concern, with well-known specific problems affecting our home matches last season.

It was good to know that Hull City have been proactive, and Paul outlined to Geoff the campaign “Is This Your Game”. Geoff discussed this initiative during the meeting, and it was felt by both FSA and EFL staff and delegates that the campaign is very positive. Hull City Supporters Trust agree and  we are looking forward to working more closely with our club to help improve everyone’s match day experience in our #NewEra as #OneFamily.