CTWD Meeting – Monday 20th January

January 29, 2014

Present: F.Beill, C.Cooper, A.Dalton, K.Ellis, M.Gothard, J.Greenwood, M.Gretton, C.Jackson, R.Harmer, P.Mills, L.Motherby, R.Skelton, I.Waterson

Remotely connected: A.Beill, I.Berriman, M.Scott

Minutes of the previous meeting

All agreed they were a true record of the meeting on 6th January 2014.

Matters arising (not on the agenda)


FA consultation process

Review of submission A document

The document to be submitted to the FA on Friday 24th January was discussed. All were happy apart from I.Berriman. 

Action: I.Berriman to directly liaise with M.Scott on small finishing touches to submission A by Tuesday 21st January at absolute latest.

Action: M.Scott to get finalised document to N.Johnson on Tuesday 21st January.

Review of lobbying process.

  • ERCFA –Met with ERCFA to understand their process. ERCFA council members have been written to.
  • Local Members of Parliament – All have been written to.
  • Hull City Council – Happy with the support we’ve had from individual councillors.

Action: Include the best three quotes from councillors in submission A.

  • FSF – They’ve been asked to present to the FA.
  • Supporters Direct – They’ve sent us a copy of their submission.

Action: M.Scott to add a copy of SD submission to the forum for all to view.

  • Football League – Officials and 72 clubs have been written to.

Action: C.Cooper to speak to the Football League this week. 

  • Premier League – R.Harmer and C.Cooper attending meeting on Thursday 23rd January.

Action: A version of our submission A to be available on Thursday for C.Cooper/R.Harmer to take with them.

  • FA council – All have been written to.
  • Local media – Article expected in the Hull Daily Mail on Tuesday 21st January featuring M.Gretton, I.Waterson and G.Bielby.
  • City of Culture bid team – M.Gretton emailed them the information pack, thanked them for their hard work and offered to work with them on relevant issues.

Plan submission B presentation

Action: A.Medcalf and J.Greenwood will lead on the presentation.

Meeting with Councillor S.Brady and A.Johnson MP

Discussed meeting CTWD have been invited to. I.Waterson concerned that original purpose of the meeting (Influencing the council, being introduced to the All-party group on football and discussing the stadium freehold) is now irrelevant. All felt it’s still very worthwhile meeting and establishing a relationship. 

Action: I.Waterson, K.Ellis and F.Beill to attend meeting on Friday 24th January.

Action: A new thread to be created on the forum so that everyone can contribute questions/ideas.


Review media contacts process

Agreed CTWD should be proactive in media appearances and not simply respond to whatever arguments are coming out of the club.

FA meeting

Agreed to respect the FA’s wish that any meeting we are offered should not be publicised. Our submission and a statement will be released to our supporters immediately after the meeting.


Latest membership count is 1603.

Agreed that membership applications will remain online only for the foreseeable future.


Another batch of wristbands has been ordered and paid for. Postcards have been paid for.

Action: Order another batch of 5000 postcards.

Action: Order another batch of 3000 badges.

Future actions

No To Hull Tigers Day

It was felt that this is unwieldy. Focus instead on working with Cardiff’s supporters trust for a joint statement before the game at Cardiff City Stadium (check date).

Action: Ulltras to take this on as their own project.


This has been investigated but requires too large a commitment and the company are not flexible. No longer pursuing. 

Strategy after consultation

Not for this meeting but something to be thought about for the next meeting. 

Meeting with journalist A.Clavane

R.Skelton and M.Gretton to accompany K.Ogram on Wednesday 22nd January.


I.Waterson had a request from a local radio station to conduct interviews at the video shoot. Asked to politely decline as time is very tight already.

M.Gothard heard a journalist on the radio saying that MK Dons were a precedent for this case. J.Greenwood explained that the ERCFA told CTWD that the rule that is in place was only introduced after that debacle and that it has never been tested.

C.Cooper asked what CTWD are doing with the responses from other supporters’ trusts. We believe K.Ogram is collating some information.

Action: A.Beill and F.Beill to follow up with all trusts who could not be previously contacted.

Action: C.Cooper to liaise with K.Ogram on documenting the responses.

Date of next meeting

Provisionally Wednesday 5th February.