CTWD meet the East Riding FA

January 23, 2014

Members of the CTWD group met with senior representatives of the ERCFA this week and discussed the process by which this critical local stakeholder would provide formal submission to the FA.

CTWD were impressed at the vigour being shown by our local Football Association in this matter, and their determination to ensure all local Leagues and constituent members have their full say before ERCFA provide final submission to the FA on 6th February was testament to the professionalism of the people representing the grassroots of our game locally.

ERCFA clearly recognised the significant part they play within the national FA approval process and it was encouraging to hear that members of other regional FA’s see Hull City’s name change issue not just as a local issue for our club but as an issue for the wider football family to provide feedback.

CTWD would like to thank the ERCFA for their time and wish them well in soliciting their members’ views before formally responding.

CTWD would advise if you are involved in local football and wish your view on the name change application to be considered – especially with the wider implications for football – that you should contact the secretary of your local league (County League, Sunday League, Boys League, Driffield League) before 3rd February. Please see link for contact details.