Amber Ribbon Campaign

August 1, 2020

Today HCST is launching the Amber Ribbon Campaign.

What is the purpose of the Campaign?

To allow people to show their support for Hull City AFC and to unite a fragmented fanbase behind the club, but not necessarily the current custodians.

Why Amber Ribbon?

The Amber Ribbon idea is based on the use of the Yellow Ribbon in the US Civil War to remember missing soldiers. We are using Amber Ribbon to remember missing fans and to show there are many who Will Be Back once the club is under responsible leadership. It also shows prospective new owners Hull City fans are here, ready, willing and able to support OUR club!

How can you help?

  • Add an Amber Ribbon to your social media name
  • Use the hashtags #WeWillBeBack and #BackInAmber
  • Put an Amber Ribbon in your window, tie one on your door or simply wear an Amber Ribbon or badge

Future Plans?

We have other ideas to develop this campaign which we will reveal in due course (including badges you will be able to purchase shortly) however we want supporters to evolve this idea themselves and be creative!