Hull City Supporters’ Trust’s heritage motions carried at FSF AGM

July 19, 2015

The Football Supporters’ Federation held its AGM in Manchester today (Sunday 19th July).  The Trust had tabled two motions on club heritage and communications for the FSF to adopt, and both were carried.

This means that the FSF will help us to engage with the FA for the purpose of strengthening the FA rules on heritage.

The two motions were:

Motion 1: “The Federation recommends that the Football Association amends its Rules such that a specific and binding rule is put in place to protect the heritage aspects of its football clubs, including but not limited to the club’s playing name, the club’s playing kit colours, the club’s badge and the club’s nickname.  Changes to any aspect of a club’s heritage will be permitted within the new Rule, but only after a fair, clearly worded and unambiguous ballot has been conducted amongst a reasonable spread of supporters – which could comprise any or all of the club’s season ticket holders, the club’s supporters club(s) members and/or the club’s Supporters’ Trust members.”

Motion 2: “The Federation recommends that the Football Association amends its Rules such that the club’s media assets use only the club’s playing name, playing kit colours, badge and nickname as determined by the proposed new Rule as set out in Motion 1, in so far as the name, colours, badge or nickname are deemed necessary to identify the club in any media asset.  The media assets that relate to the amended Rule will include, but not be limited to, the club’s name in the matchday magazine, affiliated team names (junior teams, ladies teams, etc); the club’s websites; the club’s social media sites and usernames, the club’s press, radio, TV and online advertisements; the club’s press releases; and the club’s stadium signs and banners.  The use of a club name other than the registered playing name on a media asset will be prohibited, and subject to a sanction to be determined by the appropriate FA committee.”