Tigers Co-op presentation to the Electric Eels

Supporters’ Trust gift money to the Electric Eels.

Attached is photograph of the presentation of a cheque for £2,000 to the East Riding Electric Eels Powerchair Football Club.  This club is one of those being evicted from the Airco Arena by the SMC of the KC Stadium, though the legacy arrangement was made before this occurred.

The money comes from the £18,000 being donated from the funds of the Tigers Co-operative to football-related good causes as part of the regeneration process of the supporters’ trust of Hull City AFC.

Pictured is Frank Beill, ex-chair of the Tigers Co-op and member of the board of HCST handing the cheque to Lee Brennan, treasurer of the East Riding Electric Eels at their AGM at the Manor Farm pub on Wednesday 25 March 2015.  Also in the picture are Margaret Beill and Pete Allison from the ERCFA.