Supporters Committee Meeting – 26/07/2017


On Wednesday 26th July HCST Director Graham Cannon represented the Trust at Hull City’s latest Supporters’ Committee Meeting. Here are the key points from the meeting.

Concessionary ticket prices were requested to be reinstated but the club will not entertain this request. The club say they are expecting to have 11,000 members this season. They agreed to release a breakdown of members by age following a request.

It was requested that the name Hull City is used on all social media accounts. The club suggested that the Facebook page could be changed to ‘Hull City Tigers’. Despite this, the club once again claimed that it does not have a policy not to use the name Hull City.

The club say that no more players will leave during this window unless there is a huge offer and expect that once transfers are completed they will have the wage bill of a top 6 team.

City acknowledge that the Wi-Fi service in the ground is poor and are investigating this. They are also aware of a problem with the PA system but have no plans to address this as it would apparently cost a six figure sum to resolve. The SMC are looking to equip food and drink kiosks with contactless payment to increased the speed of service.

Other topics were also discussed such as new food options at the ground, and communication from the club.

In summary, despite being left in no doubt as to the main issues impacting supporters, the club has not taken any action on key points since the last meeting. The club insist that concessions will not be reintroduced and flatly deny that the club is being rebranded by stealth. A claim which is difficult to take seriously while the club advertise fixtures such as “Hull City Tigers v Burton Albion”.

It seems apparent once again that the club representatives who attend these meetings don’t have the authority to make the changes which fans want to see. HCST strongly recommends that future meetings be led by a club representative who is fully accountable for the actions of the club and the implementation of actions agreed at previous meetings. Without this the Supporters’ Committee simply lacks credibility.


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