Shock news – City reduce season ticket prices!


Great news! From the club website:

“City is pleased to announce a reduction in season ticket prices for next season.   Despite already having one of the cheapest season tickets in the Barclays Premier League, the club has managed to reduce the price for all supporters for the 2015-16 campaign by £10 across the board.

“We will continue to work hard on reducing the price of football for our supporters wherever and whenever we can.   Our supporters will always remain the lifeblood of this club”

The not-so-good news is the above quote came from the Swansea City website – and if you hadn’t already heard the announcement that our season card prices were going up, the line about supporters being the lifeblood of the club would have given away the fact that you’re not talking about Hull City, whose owners view us with, it seems, a heady mixture of disdain and contempt.

Steve Bruce described Swansea as being “a role model for all the smaller clubs”. Of course, it is part-owned by its supporters’ trust, which helps. But if Swansea can reduce their season ticket prices (which were already lower than Hull City’s), why can’t Hull?

Whilst there is a smidgeon of good news – in terms of prices for children – there is little else to cheer about in Hull City’s announcement and there’s a raft of questions the club hasn’t bothered to address.

There is a minimum 6% price rise for adults, which comes on top of the draconian rises last year. Yet inflation is a fraction of that, PL clubs are becoming even richer through the new TV deal and the money raised from season card sales is a very small proportion of City’s income set beside the TV money.

What is the justification for the price rise? Why is Hull City raising prices when other clubs can reduce or freeze them?

At the Fans’ Working Group the club representative said that, were the name of the club to change, the club would refund the cost of season cards to those fans who did not wish to support Hull Tigers. There is no mention of this promise on the website. Now, the Allams have a track record of going back on their word, so –

Will the club refund season card holders if the club’s name is changed?

The deadline for the discount period for season card purchases is the day prior to the Manchester United match, that is, before the season ends and very likely before we know which division we’re playing in next season. This is an entirely disingenuous move by the club – waiting another working day would make it clear what people are buying into. In its table of prices, the phrase “intended for Barclays Premier League football” is used, but no mention is given of a pricing structure should we be in the Championship.

Will the club extend the discounted period to the following week? Will it reduce prices if the club is relegated?

Despite dialogue with supporters, it’s also clear that the club are continuing to fail its disabled fans as no concessions are being marketed.

Why is the club ignoring its disabled fans?


HCST is putting these questions to the club’s Marketing & Online Commercial Manager, James Mooney. We will report his response, should he provide one.




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