Scrap the Scheme!


Hull City Supporters’ Trust calls on Hull City to scrap the planned membership
arrangements for next season.

The Trust conducted a survey of City fans over a four day period. We had well over a thousand respondents, mainly nonmembers and mainly passholders. In line with the wider media comments the vast majority were deeply unhappy about the membership scheme. The zoning and pricing proposals, developed without any meaningful consultation with supporters, were widely reviled. In particular, by removing concessions for both older and younger supporters, the club was felt to be behaving in a morally reprehensible way, failing to reward loyalty (as it boasts the new scheme does) and severely impacting on the longterm support of Hull City. In the short term, it seems the scheme will certainly be economically damaging, with the majority of our survey’s respondents saying they would be unlikely or very unlikely to join the scheme.

HCST has on its board experienced accountants who have worked up a model that offers an alternative – keeping concessions and removing all zoning. We believe our model will deliver at least as much revenue as the club’s plan, whilst delivering cheaper season passes all round.

We propose three courses of action:

  1. Hull City immediately suspends the introduction of the new membership scheme;
  2. The club’s board and senior officials meet urgently with the Trust and other fan groups to discuss the issues and the way forward;
  3. The club works in partnership with the Trust, initially on refining costings for a continued season card scheme for 2016/17 and then later on refining an opt-in membership scheme.

The consequences of ignoring the fanbase will, the Trust believes, be disastrous. Whilst the club’s owners have, in the past, shown no inclination to take heed of what supporters say this is an opportunity for them to alter course and enter into a dialogue with fans – for all our benefit.

If Hull City’s owners opt to yet again ignore the supporters then it is clear that their continued ownership of this football club is untenable and that they must now come good on their promise to sell up to someone who can understand and nurture a loyal supporter base rather than treating it with disdain. The Trust will respond by campaigning against the membership scheme in  its current form as well as the continued ownership of the club by the Allam family.

For more details including full results of the survey, click here.



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  1. Absolutely spot on!!! I hope membership of the trust rockets as we all need to do what we can to protect the long term future of the club we love. This may actually mean not going to matches for a while. IT is very important that we all stick together.

  2. As usual HCST have done us proud. Thank you. Unity is everything so, although I’d enjoy some really drastic action, I will take my lead from the Trust. You kept me in line over the name change but I am ready for whatever action is needed. Hopefully we can get some ‘hoolikids’ involved too. Let Allam know – we didn’t ‘go away and die’, in fact, we are fighting fit!

  3. Absolutely superb stuff from you all. The constant rationalisation of our club and stealth rebranding programme undertaken by our owners has carried on for far too long. With HCST leading the fight at least we can employ hope that opposition to the Allam family’s moronic proposals will be met by a professional, determined and knowledgeable bunch. Thank you all.

  4. For god sake lets leave this crap for another time or do it in Morrisons so we don’t have to be bored to death with it again. I agree unity is needed but lets do it by getting behind the lads tomorrow sing about your team not Allams this is exactly what he wants so he can wind us up again with more senseless actions , Come on guys be fans not warriors >

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