Relegation: It felt so inevitable yet was so utterly avoidable


Saturday’s 2-0 loss against already relegated Sunderland felt like the point where our season, which has fluctuated between complete hopelessness and utter delight, finally gave way and relegation now seems to be an unfortunate inevitability.  

In all honesty, relegation felt as though it was confirmed before the first ball was even kicked in August 2016. Sure… you can blame a manager clearly out of his depth, injuries, poor refereeing decisions, late goals, the list is endless. But who are we kidding; we have got exactly what “We” deserve. If by “We” you mean Ehab – Ehab and his discriminatory membership scheme, Ehab and his complete refusal to give Steve Bruce sufficient funds in the summer, Ehab and his straight out refusal to use our club name or communicate anything to the fans.

The Allams openly admit they know nothing about the roots of football and seem to have blindly followed what many other owners have done within the new globalised commercial world of Sky Sports football in looking to try and make as much profit as possible – the name change was their misguided attempt at this. This does not, however, excuse him from his vicious and generally nasty media comments which followed said campaign and all of his actions afterwards.

These actions are well documented so I won’t waste time repeating them, but I will say that things certainly could have been so different with the Allams. We all know they could have been. The “Support the team no matter what” fans, the “Refusal to set foot in the KCOM until concessions are back in place” fans – they all deserve better. They deserve better from an ownership that never really bothered to understand the people they supposedly represent.

So I guess these issues bring us up to date and to the result on Saturday, which was in no way a surprise nor would relegation be. Quite frankly, we have flirted so much with relegation we are now ready to call a taxi, seal the deal and ring the wedding bells all before sunset.

It is hard to see any positives in the clubs current situation, never mind trying to find any opportunities that may arise from going back down to the Championship. We still have radio silence from the owners on whether they wish to sell the club; it is starting to feel like an old toy they have grown bored of and is now just gathering dust in the attic.

Our manager is likely to have left by June and with nearly half of the squad being on loan, and the other half being decent enough to probably get into a different premier league team, I sincerely fear for the direction of the club. I guess only time will tell on that point.

Although we are far from alone in fearing such issues as Blackpool, Charlton, Forest, Blackburn and Leyton Orient have all suffered at the fluctuations of their vindictive owners and I am sure others are likely to follow suit.    

Modern football; it used to be a sport but now it’s just a crying shame.   


Nicholas Smith (@Nicks648 )


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  1. What a load of tripe you write. Get behind the team instead of dripping about your concessions. Pay the going rate – it’s an expensive sport. THE DAYS OF 10 BOB TO GET 5 MINUTES BEFORE THE KICK OFF AND HAVE A FAG HAVE GONE.

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