We all love the old Mud classic Tiger Feet but there are times and places where it should not be played, after City score at the KC being an example. Some supporters like goal-music, most don’t. Why this has, out of nowhere, been introduced at the KC we do not know.

What’s wrong with playing music after a goal has been scored? Here are some reasons:

  1. It’s crass, unnecessary and embarrassing;
  2. It’s an import from another continent, from other sports played there and from a different culture of watching sport;
  3. If you’re trying to create atmosphere, it’s the one time in a match when you don’t need artificial means to do so;
  4. It might be justifiable at a lower league ground where attendances and acoustics mean an audible boost to the elation of goal scoring is required, but our gates are many times the level where that limp justification sets in;
  5. It drowns out and overwhelms fans’ spontaneous celebration;
  6. It’s been tried and abandoned by many clubs;
  7. Did we mention that it’s crass, unnecessary and embarrassing?

We hope that the negative reaction to playing goal music, both at the match itself (who’d have thought the home crowd would be booing after a City goal at the KC?) and afterwards, will persuade the club not to repeat the exercise, but it should never have been introduced. Last season the club used to have a consultative mechanism with supporters called the Fans’ Working Group. This had discussed the notion of goal music and its members were roundly opposed to it. It seems this has been ignored.

We don’t know what’s happened to the Fans’ Working Group. It hasn’t met this season. Although flawed – for instance, it had no written terms of reference and no set meeting schedule – it was at least a way supporters and the club could interact. It would be a good idea to resurrect it.

Want to improve the atmosphere at the KC? Get more people in by pricing season cards and match day tickets at prices more people can afford. Want to avoid alienating fans? Talk to them before trying to change the club’s name, altering the badge, introducing goal music.

It’s not rocket science, is it?