Hull City vs Swansea – Boycott Action Update


As you will all know HCST has called for a boycott of the Swansea FA Cup game on Saturday in protest against the current mismanagement from the owners of the club. Obviously events of the last 24 hours have had a big impact on the club with Marco Silva’s appointment as the club’s new head coach. We would like to reiterate that we encourage City supporters to still not attend this game. The boycott was never taking place in protest of the efforts of the players or the manager and it still isn’t. The problem that has caused the decision to arrange this unfortunate but necessary action is still there.


Why are we boycotting?

The last few years has seen a total mismanagement of the club off the field. Unnecessary actions taken that has stopped the enjoyment of supporting our local football team and caused a slow but steady flow of supporters cancelling their season tickets/memberships which is in turn leading to a slow, painful death of the club we all love. Rather than watch fans dwindle away slowly a big impact of a significantly lower attendance will hopefully draw attention to the ongoing malaise at the club and show that Hull City Supporters stand together and united.


Why Swansea?

We are aware that there have been some questions asked as to why the Swansea game was chosen and not a more high profile premier league game or the League cup semi-final against Man Utd. Swansea was the only logical choice for th following reasons:


  • Getting people to boycott a premier league match when they have already paid for their ticket will be too difficult and not have the required impact. It is important to remember that thousands are effectively boycotting every week already.
  • the Manchester Utd cup game is a historically significant game in our history and one which will clearly draw a high crowd making a boycott impossible. Even if a lot of City supporters didn’t attend, their tickets would probably be bought up by away fans.
  • given the reasons above, it is much easier to organise a boycott for a game where people need to buy tickets and with all due respect to Swansea and the FA Cup, it is probably the least important of our upcoming fixtures.
  • The Swansea game in the 03/04 season you will remember had to be delayed as too many people turned up on the night! This was in Division 3 and despite 13 years of unprecedented success on the pitch for both clubs including cup finals, European football and stints in the Premier league, the action has been taken to close nearly 40% of the stadium before tickets are even on sale. Just ask why that is…


What can you do?

Don’t buy a ticket – simple as. As of yesterday according to the ticket website only 3,000 had been sold (not including corporate or away fans) so the crowd is clearly going to be unimpressive.

To try and bring something positive out of the situation we are also asking fans to donate their ticket money, or any amount they can afford to one of our 2 chosen charities.

To donate to H&EY Mind, please use the donation page here.

To donate to Launch Pad, please use the donation page here.

In summary, we understand that it is a difficult decision for some fans not to go to a City home game but we urge you, just this once, to show a united stand amongst Hull City supporters against the owners so that we can hopefully one day enjoy going to watch our team again.


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  1. Good luck.
    Our new ‘majority share’ holders are barely any better than you have have to endure.
    And, we will appreciate the 2002–03 game at our beloved Vetch Field was a game where we could have gone out of the Football League.
    I’m not sure many Swans’ supporters will complain that you have chosen this game.

  2. Lets be honest in light of league position, opposition and all must pay how many people would have gone to this game in any case – I cant imagine that the crowd would have been much more than 7000. That being the case what is the point and what will this achieve. The Allams wont be bothered or pay any attention so it is just the team that suffers. If rumours/national press are to be believed then the potential new owners have sanctioned the appointment of Silva.
    When the crowd is low as was expected will HCST hail the protest as a huge success. The reality remains that if you had chosen the Man City game everyone would have completely ignored the protest!

    • Don’t worry, we’re not about claiming it as a success or anything like that. The very fact that this action is necessary is regrettable and we dearly hope that those rumours about new owners come true and that it never comes to this again. The idea is that the crowd should be much lower than expected. Yes if it’s 7-10,000 then that’s probably normal for an FA Cup 3rd round tie. If it’s more like 3-5,000 then that’ll be unusually low for such a game and will hopefully be picked up by the media. If not, worst case scenario is that it doesn’t achieve anything apart from making a few hundred quid for local charities.

  3. You lot can carry on but I for one will be supporting the team and the new manager.

    Yes, the gate was always going to be low but why add to this? Do you not realise that the players see, hear and feel this discontent (amongst some fans) which has an undoubted affect on their performance and, ultimately, will impact on their desire to stay at the Club.

    On Monday at West Brom, 1-0 up in the first half we were “the greatest team the world has ever seen”. In the second half, the illiterate, basically thick, fickle fans behind me were chanting “We’re effing shit…” – What??!!! Never heard anything like it and I’ve been supporting City since 1982.

    No thanks, whilst I wish the Allams would sell up and go as they’re now clearly damaging the club – not to stand together and support our team on the pitch is not the answer!

    • Well said.
      Support the team. Support the manager

      The owners will do what they want whenever they want

      A supporter since 1970 has taught me that this sort of action makes no difference.

  4. You should call off the boycott and give Marco Silva a proper Hull welcome. The mess at the club is not his fault, and he deserves to be shown that we are a hospitable and welcoming city and supporters.

    • You’re absolutely right about it not being his fault. Our open letter to Mr Silva will make this clear. However it wasn’t Phelan’s fault either. We feel that calling off the boycott because of a new manager is missing the point. It was never about managers or players; they are doing their best in very difficult circumstances. It’s those circumstances and the Allams, the sole architects, that we are protesting against.

  5. Callum Williams on

    Our new manager has said how important it is to him for the fans to get behind the team on Saturday. He’s a new man, nothing to do with what has happened before. He even says Hull City, not Hull Tigers, all the time.

    It would be awful to start his time in charge with a boycott. What does that say about Hull City fans? If you care about the club, announce that the boycott is being postponed in order to welcome Marco Silva to Hull City and get behind his efforts to keep us in the Premier League.

    • We’re about to publish an open letter to Marco Silva welcoming him to the club and making it clear that the fans are behind him and his team. What does the boycott say about Hull City fans? It says that they’ve had enough and that they’re not going to suddenly forget that because we’ve got a new manager – it would appear a bit weak if we did that.

      • Callum Wiliams on

        It would appear a bit weak? You sound like the Allams, whose whole approach is based on showing how they never listen to anyone. Actually, calling of the boycott would show strength, confidence, and a welcoming attitude. It would be a PR coup for HCST.

        The No To Hull Tigers campaign was a lot more savvy than HCST are being now.

        • We think it’d be weak to stop protesting just because we’ve got a new manager. It wasn’t Phelan’s fault any more than it is Silva’s, but there were protests then and this was planned. The manager and players are victims along with the supporters in this mess. A change of manager doesn’t mean the reasons for the boycott have changed. It would imply that fans are only protesting because we’ve been losing. That is not the case; many can’t afford to go any more due to the Allam’s horrible pricing scheme. That hasn’t changed so neither should the protests.

  6. What is the point of writing an open letter to Marco Silva welcoming him to the club if you’re not prepared to be there in person and do it properly from the stands. The Allam’s apart, the team has shown encouraging signs of improvement over the past few games, inspite of the results. Whether you deem the FA Cup important or not (I for one will always treasure the Final experience) the Swansea game is a winnable game, and this team desperately needs a win wherever it comes from. The Allam’s are oblivious to our protests but a show of support for the team, from the stands, is the only way IMHO where we have a real voice and CAN influence what goes on on the pitch.

    • Callum Williams on

      You are absolutely right Michael. HCST are scoring a massive own goal here. Supporters like me who have been sympathetic to the HCST are losing that sympathy. The HCST needs to do what the No To Hull Tigers group did, running a sophisticated and clever campaign that does not rise to the puerile tactics of the owners. This boycott is crass when we should be welcoming new people to our city and our club in person, not in some ‘open letter’ whose words say ‘welcome’ but whose existence alongside this boycott says the opposite.

      • The team need our support. I won’t ever boycott the team. I just hope there is a reasonable turn out to cheer them on & other people feel the same as I do. The crowd would be down on league games anyway so how do you gauge what your campaign achieved? No doubt you will look at the 10,000 or so who attend and take credit for it but that would have been the crowd anyway?

  7. Idiots get behind the team and stop ya trouble, Mr allam will not give a shit and Just dig his heels in further. Ridiculous idea boys show us that even you lot care by cancelling this bound to fail idea.

  8. Good job my dad didn’t boycott the Second world war.We’d all be speaking German.Should have filled the ground with demonstrating fans so the footballing world can see what’s actually going on at our club.Showing them an empty ground they will think nobody cares.Played right into Rehabs hands.

  9. Not an own goal at all, the appointment at first glance looks very positive and we all hope that it will lead to an improvement in terms of performance and more importantly the gathering of points towards avoiding relegation.

    It does however not change anything in terms of the ongoing issue that needs addressing, i.e. the way our current owners are running our club, and that is what this protest is about.

    Enjoy the game and leave others to make their own choice in terms of supporting the protest.

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