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Hull City season cards & the name-change process


Earlier this month, we pointed out that the name-change application process was likely to drag on until July, and called on Hull City to make arrangements for season card sales to fit around this process.

Media reports this week indicate that this is indeed the case, as the new application will not be heard at the May FA council meeting and there is no scheduled FA Council meeting in June. It is completely unacceptable to expect fans to make such a significant financial commitment without knowing what team they’ll be supporting. To do this would be an insult to the supporters who provide the strongest financial support to the club.

We re-iterate that Hull City must deal with this situation they’ve created and either

– provide a written guarantee of refunds on season cards for those supporters who want them in the event that the name changes;


–  extend the deadline for season card renewals at the current price until such time that the FA decision has been made.


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