Hull City owners snub the club’s fans

There has been no response from Hull City to the Hull City Supporters’ Trust’s call for the club to suspend its new membership scheme and talk to supporters.

The scheme in its present form has alienated thousands of City supporters, especially by the club’s treatment of its youngest and oldest fans. The removal of concessions has priced many of these out of attending matches at the KCOM Stadium, whilst the zoning policy and “evictions” from one stand have also made it impossible for many groups to attend as they would wish.

By staying silent Hull City executives are ignoring the wishes of the vast majority of fans, as evidenced by the fantastically well-supported red card protest at the Brentford and Bolton matches as well as the outcome of the Trust’s survey, which found 85% of respondents were unhappy with the membership scheme.

We know Ehab Allam has expressed the view that fans are “irrelevant” but as Hull City supporters we are his customers and the club must start to listen to us. Successful businesses fully engage with their customers; for a football club this is even more important, yet Mr Allam makes no attempt to do this.

To reiterate our call to the club, on 21 April we proposed that:

1) Hull City immediately suspends the introduction of the new membership scheme;

2) The club’s board and senior officials meet urgently with the Trust and other fan groups to discuss the issues and the way forward;

3) The club works in partnership with the Trust, initially on refining costings for a continued season card scheme for 2016/17 and then later on refining an opt-in membership scheme.

We have also written to Hull City, and warned supporters, about serious concerns with some of the scheme’s terms and conditions. These include that the club:

  • appears to wish to sell contact details to third party marketing agencies, and supporters have no opportunity to opt out of this arrangement
  • can increase the cost of monthly membership every 90 days (that is, up to four times a year), not just once a season
  • insists on having supporters’ permission to undertake credit checks, yet the scheme is not a credit agreement nor is its terms and conditions structured to be a credit agreement

Should the club ignore us our protests will continue at the match against Rotherham on Saturday and through the play-offs: the issue is hugely important to too many fans.


Next step:

Should the club not respond positively we are asking fans to repeat the Red Card protest before kick-off on Saturday, and to make their opposition to the scheme clear verbally as well. We also repeat our encouragement that fans delay signing up to the scheme.

Red Cards will be available at The William Gemmell on Anlaby Road from 10 a.m., and we’ll be at West Park Gates from 11 a.m. Again, we’re calling for volunteers to help distribute them. If you want to bring your own stock of red paper and distribute it, we’d welcome that too!


Scrap the scheme!


18 thoughts on “Hull City owners snub the club’s fans”
  1. Hi
    Although I am fully behind the protests, could I ask that any showing of red cards or dissaproval of this floored scheme is limited to before kickoff and after the game ends, I feel any negativity during the Rotheram game, and subsequent okay offs could jeopardise our chance of promotion.
    Let’s get behind the team but still carry on the fight.

  2. Im sorry Im all for the scheme being scrapped but protests through the play offs? Thats just not justified. The play offs need a sea of unity with everyone coming together to form a passionate backing. After all the positive red card scheme which I’m for has largely been followed by the allam out chants. If the best thing is for Allam to go, then being in the premiership is the best chance he has of selling the club. Any negative atmosphere, as Steve Bruce said, doesn’t help the cause

    1. It seems to me that some still don’t grasp that this issue is much bigger than the outcome of any one season.

      This fight is about being able to support our Club and we must make our voices heard before we are priced out.

      If we don’t protest now…..we won’t get the chance if this “scheme” is bullied through by the Allams!

      1. I think people do grasp the seriousness of the situation, but there’s also a time and a place to address the problem, and I don’t think it should be done leading up to and during the play offs , unless of course your a Leeds fan and don’t want our football team to succeed ?

  3. I’ll be there again to help.!

    Unless things change the play-off semi final will be my last match at the KCOM (Kcon?)

    1. If you feel so strongly why go to the play off semi ? If they win will you go to Wembley? If they get promoted will you stay away or will your protest stat at a later date

  4. Even though I agree with some of what you say I really wish you not protest during games . It defiantly affects players and spreads negativity everywhere from supporters , players , coaching staff , owners . Take Steve Bruce’s advice don’t buy into the scheme if you don’t agree with it – if enough people don’t buy into the scheme the owners will have to make changes . If you must protest do it outside the ground before or after the game but certainly not inside during the game . Protesting the way you are will only drag the club down and I’m afraid there won’t be any Wembley trip this year or next if you keep protesting the way you are .

  5. The Allams were our saviours 4 years ago, now they are about to DESTROY the club we all love.
    I have earned my stripes already, having watched my first game in 1947 and have continued my support for 59 years.

  6. I don’t mind protesting against Rotherham but its a disgrace if it happens during the play offs, I’m fed up has everyone else but feel the team needs everybody behind it against Derby so think again before telling us all to protest when we play a very good Derby side, that night my focus with my mates will be on supporting the team

    1. Totally agree. I also oppose the scheme but think some are revelling in the protests and don’t want us to get promotion as the Allams will benefit by being able to sell the club for a much larger sum!

  7. It will be interesting to see what happens after the 6th. Already made the decision not to ‘join’ Hull City Tigers membership scheme. A hard decision but that will be that unless concessions return. I guess many may well fold and join, I wouldn’t blame them as its very hard to stick to your guns over this but for me it is the final straw. We were going along quite well (on and off the pitch for once) until this was dumped on us. Odd that you would make such a major change when promotion is they key to realising your investment and selling up.

  8. I was there during the fish and Dolan period and the Lloyd ownership this was in my opinion much worse then we are now but one thing I would say is that we never during those times did ever not backed the team during a game and I’m surprised that you are encouraging this what have the players done wrong to deserve this. Protest after the game like we used to have a sit in if needed but a so called supporters group encouraging not supporting the team sorry to say you are wrong

  9. I don’t understand anyone who says please don’t protest during the Rotherham game or the play offs. The comment from the other Dave sums it up perfectly. The Allams are trying to treat us as if we’re their employees, not customers who they should look after. Either not going to the play offs or going and voicing your feelings about this hideous scheme is what living in a democracy is all about. It’s totally bizarre that the club don’t reply to any of our largely constructive feedback.

  10. In my opinion we need and strong message sending as I don’t think the Allams are listening. The red card protest was the right thing to do but maybe it needs stepping up, many people have suggested a ‘timed’ walk out but that seems harsh on the team – could there be another option. Thought I’d earned my stripes but over 40 years support is apparently not enough!!!

  11. Where in the article does it say anything about protesting during the game? It says to hold the red cards up before kick-off. It didn’t seem to bother the players against Brentford, nor did it bother them last season at Palace.

    Unfortunately a protest needs to be visible, there is no point doing it in West Park before the game or after the match, but we all know the best way to make your voices heard is to not earn your stripes and refuse to sign up this ridiculous divisive scheme.

  12. Nowhere does it say protest during the game, nowhere does it ask you not to support the team. If people decide to protest during the game and sing a song which you don’t like unfortunately that is their right as a paying ‘customer’ although it might not be for much longer if you sign up as a ‘member’.

  13. Iasked the following question of the club via email

    “Many thanks for the confirmation of my membership. I has been brought to my attention that as part of my membership, the Club may pass on my personal details to 3rd parties. Could you please note that I do not give my consent to my details being passed on the any 3rd party organisation. Could you please confirm this otherwise I may have to reconsider my membership.

    With respect to your query as to why there has not been a check box to tick if you don’t want your personal details being sold on, Condition 12.2(6) only refers to the third parties that have been described in condition 12.2(5) i.e. any third party to whom the Club may assign, transfer or licence its rights under the membership agreement. It is not possible to say who that third party may be as the clause relates to potential future events. ”

    I have now received the following response, on which basis I will continue with my membership.

    “The club does not currently have any plans to involve a third party in the operation of the membership scheme but, given that the membership agreement does not have a fixed duration, the Club reserves the right to do that in the future without members’ consent. In those circumstances the third party would need to be given the members’ details in order for the third party to be able to continue to honour the Club’s obligations under the membership agreement. The Data Protection Act 1998 requires members to be informed in the event that this happens, but does not require the Club to offer an ‘opt in/opt out’ to members in those circumstances.

    The only other circumstance where the conditions allow the club to pass personal data to a third party is to an away club in the event that a member buys an away ticket. This is because the member will be entering into a contract with the away club/venue and so they will need to know with whom they are contracting.

    Other than the two circumstances described above, the conditions do not give the Club a right to disclose members’ personal details to any third party for any purpose whatsoever.”

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