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Following Hull City’s announcement this morning of their new membership scheme, we’d really like to get your views on the scheme and what you think our response should be, even if you’re not a HCST member. We’ve prepared a short online survey for you to have your say.

There has of course been discussion of the scheme on social media already and we’re aware of this, but we believe that by gathering the views of as many fans as possible in one place, we’ll have a much stronger case to represent those views.

EDIT: The survey has now closed; big thanks to everyone who took part.

If you haven’t yet seen the club’s announcement of the scheme’s full details, click here to read it.

We hope that you’ll take this opportunity to have your say. It is at times like this that we particularly need a representative organisation working on behalf of City fans. Of course we’ll do everything we can to be that voice, as always, but the strength of our message is measured by our numbers. If you’re not already a HCST member, please consider joining us. There are loads of benefits, but most importantly you’ll be adding your voice to our collective one, giving us a much better chance of achieving the outcomes fans want. Together we successfully stopped the name change, because we’re stronger together.

To join HCST, click here.


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  1. Charlie West on

    40 years a season ticket holder. Not after this season not been bullied by anyone especially the self centered idiots who are ruining out once great club. We are a laughing stock. Don’t the FA have guidelines regarding costs for children and pensioners. “UNFORTUNATELY I’M OUT”. Going to watch Hull United.

  2. Should you get pensioner rates. If you go to Tesco, you Don’t pay less. You don’t pay less on a plane, or at the theatre. You don’t pay less for a taxi, or a TV licence, or sky, do I need to go on.

    • JOHN THE ONE on


  3. Charlie smirk on

    Last season for myself and wife price to high we r I’m west stand (wheelchair area ) also if west stand upper goes to away fans what r we going to b hit with

  4. Of course City don’t offer concessions to any groups based on age at the moment, so why should they start now. Oh, hang on……….

  5. Those who think only of themselves (Gary) will live to regret it as are many of those who supported the name change and the Allams up until now who as I heard on the radio now think the Allams are Dictators and that this is outrageous. Be careful what you wish for….. the next idiotic decision might affect you.

  6. There appears to be a lot of hysteria about this scheme, some of which appears to contradict what is in the clubs statement. The name is very divisive as many supporters such as myself have already earned their stripes by supporting the team both home and away for over 55 years. There are gaps in the information provided by the Club leaving it open to those who shout the loudest to exploit, the marketing department at Hull City never seem to learn from their mistakes or perhaps they get railroaded by the owners.

    I do not support the owners, I support the team. We have had worse owners such as Buchanan and Lloyd.

    If I am allowed to retain my existing seat in the South Stand as a single adult without a further significant cost increase then I will continue to support the team. Supporters need to be careful and take time to consider their response to this scheme, if too many make a knee-jerk reaction to walk away from the Club then that could lead to the Club going in to liquidation.

    I feel that after spending my hard earned money on supporting the club since the early 1960’s, I have earned the right to a concession which I would have been granted in the 2017/8 season but I will not walk away from the team because of that.

  7. Earn your stripes? When are they going to earn our support? Keep concessions and deal with fraud like the other 91 clubs do. Price membership and tickets to fill the stadium. 15,00O for a team chasing promotion to the Premier League is pathetic!

  8. I have been following City since I was around 15 back in the 1969’s, I went along with my Dad & Grandad to every home game & away games when we could afford it. I have all been a pass holders at City for most of that time, my son has had a pass sine he was in his early teens & my own grandson has had a pass since the KC opened. I think together we have probably only missed around 10 games in the last 10 years. We have put up with the fiasco about the name change, but this is now a step too far. We have had me seats since the KC opened not far from the half way line, now we are told that unless we want to pay hundreds of pounds more a year between us that we will have to move….we will most likely not even be able to sit together as my Son & his Son would be in the family area while I wouldn’t. We can get no guarantees where we would be sitting….the info will not be available until after we decide to join the scheme (well it will as we won’t) This new scheme will mean the end of me attending City games after 50+ years of loyal support

  9. Gary – you are right in that supermarkets don’t give pensioners discounts. But we have choices about where we shop and are able to budget carefully. Many of us do not go abroad and therefore don’t use planes and thankfully buses and trains offer free or discounted fares. The problem with football is that we don’t have a choice! We can’t suddenly decide to support any of the other clubs just because they all offer us discounts. Many pensioners have supported Hull City for decades. We have earned our ‘stripes’! We have budgeted to buy our passes and now are told that we have to find extra money. Even worse our grandkids have been hit with increases of over 900% – yes 900! Even if me and my grandson move to ‘paupers corner’ we face an increase of nearly 70%. ‘Loyalty’ – the Allams don’t know the meaning of the word!

  10. Rochdale FC just announced all children free from next season. Huddersfield price adult plus two kids £225, Allam Disunited 27x12x3= £672. Any thoughts Gary?

  11. Ian templeman on

    Tiger ian the only thing the allams do with any consistency is find a way to wind up supporters. The idea in principle is OK but I cannot understand and never have is why are seat prices in West and East and north and south different surely both sides are mirror images of each other . the allams have got it wrong and if they carry on as they are they will be able to close the north stand too. I like many who are complaining about this are worried about the clubs future I have been a city supporter for 47 years but this will be the last straw I’ve had enough

  12. Just doing the sums for south stand-£21 x 12 = £234 plus circa 20 x £11(number of home matches) = circa £454; no real saving there then; not joining, will take chance at turnstiles?

  13. I honestly can not believe how much Hull City fans whinge, cry, and tantrum about everything. I have supported City for over 40 years, and can honestly say it was 30 years of total gloom. We have never had it so good. We are rightly dissapointed with a play off place in the champioship, the top team in Yorkshire again. Just for the record, all concessions can watch Hull City next season for under £11 per match. Please do not tell me that paying £10.95 a match is too much. Angie, you was saying about choice, you can choose which budget of seating you wish to use next season. When I took my 3 children to the kc in the days of league 1 / 2, I sat in the family stand which was in the south west corner, as this was applicable to my budget. It was not perfects eating, but It was seating I could afford, and was extremely happy to be offered. I think Hull fans will moan at absolutely anything. Allams, best owners we have ever had.

    • The problem with that is not everyone can go in the Zone 1 seats. It’s only a very small part of the ground which is available at that price.

      Mind you, the rate City are losing fans, they probably will all be able to fit into those few Zone 1 seats before long!

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