Membership Scheme Protest – Next Steps

April 27, 2016

Hull City Supporters’ Trust wishes to thank all the fans who participated in last night’s “red card” protest against the club’s membership scheme.

We know that the vast majority of City supporters oppose the scheme but we were delighted by the overwhelming visual opposition to the club’s plans. Considering many of those joining the protest might be personally benefiting through price reductions, it shows the generosity of spirit amongst Hull City fans that they are concerned about the scheme’s impact on their fellow supporters, particularly children, young people and seniors.

Following last night’s events, and Steve Bruce revealing in his post-match interview that Assem Allam is currently suffering with illness, we’ve had contact from the club asking us to stop the protests. We are of course sorry to hear about Mr Allam’s illness and wish him a speedy recovery. However, at the same time as saying the protests should cease, the club are continuing to press ahead with the scheme and in fact claiming to the Trust that memberships are selling well, which is something we struggle to believe.

The club are effectively saying that they don’t have to listen to the fans because memberships are selling well, and Steve Bruce says that fans who don’t like the scheme shouldn’t join it. This prompts us to instigate further action. We don’t want to call for a full boycott of the scheme as the manager suggests – it’s up to individual fans to decide if they want to join or not – but we are calling for fans to not sign up until Friday 6th May, the deadline for guaranteeing your seat. If you’re willing to risk losing your seat (and let’s face it, there isn’t going to be huge demand for it unless you sit in a ‘Zone 1’ area) then you could even wait until August before joining the new scheme. Let’s put the club’s claim to the test and continue to show them how seriously we oppose this scheme. If like many people you would like to make a statement in protest but don’t want to give up supporting your club, this is the perfect way to do that without showing your hand just yet.

We also urge supporters who are going to sign up to first look very carefully at the terms and conditions of the scheme. There are some clauses which cause us concern and we are investigating this. We’ll explain our concerns relating to this in more detail soon.

It would take no time at all for Ehab Allam to order the scheme suspended and authorise a full and proper dialogue with supporters. We will gladly suspend our protests if and when that happens. But until the club start to listen, we will continue to fight this pernicious scheme.

Despite the potential for promotion, support for the club is waning (note the number of empty seats last night) directly as a consequence of the Allam family’s policies. The membership scheme will deliver a body blow to that remaining support. It is too important an issue to ignore. Unless the club agree to suspend the scheme and engage in dialogue, we will continue with the red card protest in front of the Sky cameras at Bolton on Saturday as well as the call for fans to delay joining the membership scheme.

5 thoughts on “Membership Scheme Protest – Next Steps”

  • We all of course wish Assem a speedy recovery. If this is causing him any stress and adding to his illness he may well wish to think on that because the scheme is causing a lot of people his age a lot of stress, tears are literally being shed in the stands as pensioners realise that they can no longer afford to attend and a way of life is about to be lost. They will be at a loss of what to do on a Saturday afternoon after a life time of supporting the club and will miss their friends they have made and maintained over many years. They are saddened at not being able to attend with their sons and daughters and grand children. I am sure Assem and Ehab hold their family very dear to their hearts so do their supporters.

  • from a lad of 7 years old i have gone to watch hull city whenever i could , i am now 68 and havent been now for the last couple of seasons and why ? because i am sick of watching dishonest players that have crept into the game and in my opinion bias referees . but now i am just sick of watching this great clubs name been dragged through the mud by all this protesting and chanting . o.k. i dont know much about this membership scheme but saying your going to protest in front of the sky cameras for all the world to see is just a showing up of the club and no wonder steve bruce must be sick of it ! if you say you honestly hope mr. allam gets well soon then prove it by showing get well cards as well as these so called red cards because after all the millions he has put in to save the club he deserves some loyalty and respect back in return.

    • http://Ryan%20(HCST)

      Hi Mr Hart. To help you understand why we’re protesting, look at the comment above yours. People are having their club taken away from them. People like you and me who’ve been going since we were very young won’t be able to go any more under this new scheme and that’s just not on at all.

      If anything is dragging the club’s name through the mud it’s the constant controversy surrounding the owners’ actions. First it was the name change, then kicking the kids out of the Airco Arena, then the Away Supporters’ Initiative fund, and now it’s the membership scheme. Fans protesting against that seems to have gone down very well, but if the club’s owners didn’t keep coming up with new ways to get everyone’s backs up there wouldn’t be a problem. City would still be a harmonious, well-supported club and the Allams would be loved by the fans just as when they took over. It’s a shame that’s no longer the case but it’s only down to them and their actions.

  • http://Gordon%20Lammiman

    I have followed Hull City for 70 years from the age of 8. I have lived in various parts of the country and stayed loyal. Doing National Service in the 50’s in the middle of winter I hitch hiked from Carlisle for a rearranged match midweek to Hillsborough and back getting back to camp at 4am. I have written to Hull City but had no reply a copy was sent to HDM without response. Gordon Lammiman

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