Hull City AFC name-change arbitration process – an update

On 4 March HCST wrote to the FA asking for clarification as to what has happened with the arbitration decision.  That was the second time in a week we have contacted the FA on this issue; we received no response to our correspondence on 27 February, nor did the FA respond to our email on 16 January proposing that the governing body works to strengthen its rules concerning the heritage of football clubs and offering to be part of the process.

We have reminded the FA of its own statement in September 2014:

“Any arbitration commenced under Rule K of the Rules and Regulations of The Football Association is confidential.  However, in the interests of the supporters, The Football Association and the club have agreed to confirm that an arbitration has commenced and once a decision has been reached it will be published.”

We have reminded the FA that CTWD and HCST diligently followed its request to respect the arbitration procedure. We have shown considerable restraint over a prolonged period of time, despite Hull City AFC’s owners clearly not feeling the same need to respect the FA and its processes.

The Trust now awaits the FA’s response – if we do get a response we will, of course, let you all know – and we shall review our position this weekend.


This week we received a short response saying that a decision in the arbitration is expected to be published “in the near future”.
We have pressed the FA for a more detailed response.