Relegation and moving forward

May 15, 2017

So after just one season back in the Premier League, Hull City find themselves heading back to their historically regular place in English footballs 2nd tier.

Congratulations must go to Marco Silva & his backroom staff for not only ensuring our season stayed alive until the 37th game before the seemingly inevitable relegation was confirmed, but also unifying​ the clubs supporters with a period of hope when in reality we’d expected none from the season after the summer of turmoil in 2016.

The post mortem of how and why the season has resulted in being such an abject failure has already began to be debated amongst the fans and media outlets.

But this is now already history and we must demand answers on what the clubs owners are planning for our immediate and longer term future.

We simply cannot accept another pre-season period similar to last year.

There is bound to be speculation on Marco Silva’s future with us, but if as expected he does move on to a more stable club, he can only go with our best wishes and gratitude for his efforts at the club.

We call on the owners to ensure a permanent appointment is made in a timely manner to allow maximum preparation time for next season.

There is bound to be speculation on the future of some of our ‘key players’, (some of whom we accept will instruct their agents to find them a new Premier League contract elsewhere).

We call on the owners to ensure that revenue raised from player sales is reinvested in a squad capable of challenging for promotion next season, but again that new signings are made in a timely manner to support the current or newly appointed manager with their plans for next season.

There is bound to be a reduction in supporters retaining their place in the much maligned Membership scheme, (revenue from which is more critical to the club in the Championship), especially as history has shown a substantial number of people only attend matches during Premier League seasons.

We call on the club to reintroduce recognisable and meaningful concessionary prices for junior, senior and disabled supporters to try and offset the drop off in ‘glory fans’ with a return of junior & senior fans who have been effectively priced out in the past year.

There is bound to be speculation on the future aspirations of the club owners who appear increasingly reluctant to communicate with the supporters and engage with local and national organisations.

We call on both Assam & Ehab Allam to share their current vision and aspirations as owners of our great club, but if they decide to end their stewardship, that they enter into negotiations of a sale to potential new owners realistically to safeguard the clubs future and end this period of uncertainty.

The Hull City Supporters Trust remains open to assisting the owners & senior management on ways to repair the relationship with the clubs fans, as the need for unification has rarely been greater to prevent a slide down the leagues seen in recent years by other clubs suffering conflict off the pitch.

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