HCST Statement – Current Issues at Hull City


Following Hull City’s latest update on ticketing, branding and the club crest, HCST would like to make the following comment.

As a Trust, we welcome the involvement of the Football Supporters Federation (FSF). We hope that their participation can result in meaningful dialogue, which can only be a good thing.

We don’t wish to dwell on the insinuations made towards us in the club’s statement. We’re only interested in seeking solutions to the aforementioned issues and will not get involved in further growing the divide between club and supporters.

Speaking of solutions to those issues, we’d like to refer supporters back to our proposed ticket model which was presented to the Supporters Committee back in December, and was drafted to ensure it was cash neutral to the club, based purely on membership income and estimated membership numbers. We are of the opinion that the vast majority of supporters would be happy with this proposal if it was implemented. There would only be relatively small increases for adults in some areas, offset by the full re-introduction of concessions for the young, old and disabled. The ticketing situation needs to be resolved with the utmost urgency. Continued delays in settling on a reasonable solution are just driving away more supporters all the time.

Also back in January, HCST and other supporters committee members were presented by the club with a one page document outlining the club’s branding guidelines. We produced an alternative in the same format and presented this to the club. We see no reason why this cannot be implemented immediately.

HCST also welcomes supporter involvement on the crest design. As a starter, how about this one

We maintain that all of these issues can be addressed easily if the motivation is there from the club to do so. This needs to happen as soon as possible to prevent further loss of supporters and start bringing back some of those who have been lost over the last few years. By implementing a ticketing structure such as that proposed by us, ensuring that the club consistently refers to itself only by it’s real name or nickname, and reverting the crest back to one which is associated with happier times for the club (before the change which no one had asked for) would be an easy way for the club to take a big step towards achieving this.


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  1. Who exactly are you to dictate who pays what and where to watch our club? I thought the Allam’s were bad. You guys take the biscuit!

    Since when do customers get to dictate prices at places they buy services or goods from? What next? How much the club must charge for shirts and scarves?

    Give us all a break!

    • We’re not dictating anything. We’re simply pointing out to the club yet again how simply this could be resolved offering fair prices to all. It would help to stem the tide of people cancelling memberships as well as bringing back some of those who already have cancelled. The current pricing structure is not only unfair but its decimation of the fanbase could be a major threat to the club’s financial security once the parachute payments dry up.

  2. Crabby Clause on

    Your statement reflects how I am feeling and put forward some solid proposals. The only place I part company is with the word ‘Immediately’ at the end of para four. I believe we should not try to tell the Allams what to do with their business but to be conciliatory and give them constructive suggestions about how to win back support for the club and heal rifts that have come about over the past seasons. Delete the word ‘immediately’ and your statement and suggestions would be perfect! All the best…. and of course UTT!

    • Thanks for your feedback. We stand by the statement that these problems could be solved immediately if the club wanted to. Obviously we have no power to dictate when the club implements any changes, but they could fix most of these issues today if they had the motivation to do so.

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