Following Mr Allam’s interview with Richard Sutcliffe in the the Yorkshire Post this week, HCST have sent this open letter to Mr Allam once again requesting an open dialogue between the fans and the club be set-up. The official letter can be seen Here.

The letter reads:

Dear Mr Allam,

Thank you for sharing your views via your interview with Richard Sutcliffe of The Yorkshire Post earlier this week.

Since our formation, HCST have been requesting an open dialogue with yourself and this remains the case. We are more than willing to engage and listen to anything you have to say, all we would ask is that you are prepared to do the same.

Representatives of HCST will happily make themselves available for a meeting at any time and place, at your convenience.

Yours sincerely,
Geoff Bielby,
Chairman, Hull City Supporters’ Trust

3 thoughts on “HCST Open Letter to Ehab Allam”
  1. Could I please ask why now! you think he may enter dialogue with you.
    Obviously Ehab went to the Yorkshire Post for a more non confronting interview.
    The local press & radio stations would probably question his views more.
    Since this interview where “HE” stated we aren’t a selling club,he looks to have agreed to sell Jake Livermore, a player who has played in various positions for us this season.
    All to the best of his ability.
    I am sorry but I’m afraid ” a leopard can’t change his spots” spring to mind.
    Like what’s being said before this family had it in their grasp to become icons, with their charity work etc,taking over a defunct club & reaching heights never before thought of.
    But then due to pigheaded stubbiness, turned people against them.
    I’m afraid it goes against their grain to admit mistakes were made..

    1. Hi Michael, in Ehab’s interview he stated that “If you thought people wanted to listen, you may look to engage”. This letter is just saying to Ehab that we are here and we want to speak with him. It puts the ball in his court and whilst it may not be successful, if it does achieve its aim then we may be able to sort some issues that are important to Hull City fans.

  2. HCST have been very open about wanting dialogue with the club, from the early days of NoToHullTigers through. It’s the club who have made no effort to meet / find middle ground with ANY of the clubs supporters.

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