Football Supporters’ Federation Fan Mail: 2 July 2016

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Fans For Diversity annual report

Work to make football more inclusive making progress – Anwar Uddin

Our Fans For Diversity campaign has completed its second year of activity and the annual report charting its progress is out now. “I’m proud of the fantastic progress being made by the Fans For Diversity campaign,” Anwar said. “This is thanks to the determination of so many fans across the country.”

Concerns over England fan jailing
An England fan caught up in the trouble in Marseille has been jailed for two months but there are serious concernsabout his treatment…
Supporters Summit
The annual Supporters Summit is only two weeks away – fans from across the country will be heading to Wembley on July 16. Make sure you register.
News from elsewhere:
Westminster bruiser: a memoir
Lord Pendry fought Thatcher’s proposed ID cards for football fans in the 80s, here he sharessome of his memoirs from the turbulent era…
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And finally… goal of Euro 2016?

In case you missed it, Xherdan Shaqiri scored one of the goals of Euro 2016 to equalise for Switzerland against Poland in the round of 16 this week. But could he do it on a Rainy Tuesday Night In Stoke?

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