Final Red Card protest against membership scheme

Following consultation with fans using social media, and direct feedback to the Trust, HCST is calling for a final Red Card protest in front of the Sky cameras at Derby on Saturday. A supply of cards will be available and distributed prior to the match.

We are pursuing other routes to oppose the scheme, including approaching (alongside the Football Supporters’ Federation) the Football League and Premier League with our concerns on the issue of the removal of concessions. We have yet to receive a response to our letter to the club about the terms and conditions. Should we not have received a satisfactory response by the end of the first week in June, we will be reporting Hull City Tigers Ltd to the appropriate regulatory authorities.

14 thoughts on “Final Red Card protest against membership scheme”
  1. Bloomin idiots. Just focus on the game you *****. The players see this and think, ‘just enjoy the day you quiet *****’. If they put as much effort into being more vocal in games than waving around some sad red bits of paper, we would be alright. Sounds disruptive to me. Could you not think of another way of doing something you wet lot of lettuces. It just looks silly. Especially if we get beat.

  2. I agree Timmy. Mindless idiots. embarrassing. Support the team and stop the disruption. We are 3 games away from the premier league!

  3. I guess Timmy and John are saving money next season and have kept their seats, they don’t have children and are not seniors. They are certainly rude and selfish.

  4. I agree fully. I pay a lot of my well earned money to go and support my team, and I am sick and tired of people crying about having to sit in a different seat, or that we may change our name, or the price has gone up. I think Hull fans just cry about anything. In all honesty, the fans are driving me away from the sport. Sick of hearing the whinges. Sick of host.

    1. You’re a doormat and a troll and you patently don’t understand the issue. Not only are pensioners who’ve been attending for 40 or 50 or more years being priced out of attending, but so are children, whose passes are going up from around £60 to more than £400. Those are our future generations of supporters, and once they are lost to the club, they will be lost forever.

      There is a well-known quotation:

      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

      I don’t expect you to understand this. There were people who objected to the protests against the name change, because they didn’t want to rock the boat and they were prepared to put up with whatever the Allams wished to do, so they did not speak out. But now some of those people are being priced out of attending and they realise the name change and the membership scheme are just the beginning.

      You might be the last person, Gary Chapman, and when the Allams push too far, there will be nobody to fight your cause.

      You are one of the “**** you, Jack, I’m all right” brigade. You deserve nothing.

      I hope we soon get new owners with sense.

  5. Keep up the good work HCST.

    Chris – Timmy and John are either trolls or are the Allams themselves. No one with an ounce of morality can support this scheme.

  6. Timmy and John, I don’t think you know what a mindless idiot is. They were plenty at the West Ham game the other night, if that kind of thing happened you would have something to counter about.

  7. I guess Timmy doesn’t attend matches as the red card protests started well after we didn’t win automatic promotion, so we wouldn’t be ‘all right’ and he would know whether it was disruptive or not having witnessed them first hand.

    We have WON both home games where the red card protest was done, so if anything it appears to have spurred the players on. To be honest if the players think anything like what Timmy wrote then they are showing complete and utter distrespect for the fans but I suspect they think completely the opposite and are intelligent enough to know what it’s about and why it’s being done and probably have a lot of sympathy.

    The red card protest has been conducted with the utter most respect for the players and the manager and once over the team have had the fans full backing. It has been done to show the Allams that the vast majority of season ticket holders are unhappy with the new membership scheme.

    All some people appear to care about is getting to the premier league at what ever cost, regardless of what the affect on the fan base is and regardless of what the ticket price will be next year.

    Well done to HCST for organising this and to the fans for supporting it.

  8. If the players are not distracted by the protest, as they have been on occasions, then they / we have abetter chance of getting back to the Premier League. If that happens then we will almost certainly have new owners and a chance to start afresh. Drop the protests until promotion is achieved – please!

  9. First of all I don’t agree with the changes that the club are doing but I do agree lets not distract the players in any way and all city supporters get together and give Steve Bruce and all the players all our full backing to beat Derby County tomorrow

  10. OMG… Only in Hull. The biggest game of your clubs so important history and you guys focus on the negative. Take a leaf out of Liverpool supporters and try supporting the guys. God knows it’s going to be hard enough with your undying support , wall of noise and never say die attitude. Amateurs you will get what you deserve roll on Grimsby away. Pathetic

  11. Surely we should of stopped whinging and be careful what we ask for most peoples tickets come down now its the team that are important not certain fans egos! Come on city!!!!

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