FA rejects name-change for Hull City AFC – again

July 11, 2015

News just in is that the FA has rejected the Allams’ bid to change the name of our club.  Below is our press release, to be released shortly, on the FA Council’s decision.

FA again rejects Hull City name-change

The Hull City Supporters’ Trust is delighted that the Football Association has once again rejected the application to rename our club Hull Tigers. The FA Council has now turned down the club’s owners twice in successive years and today’s vote saw an increased majority against the plan; there is clearly little chance of a future attempt achieving any success. The Trust wishes to record our gratitude to the FA for securing the heritage of Hull City and for listening to the supporters of the club. This decision will also be welcomed by fans of other clubs who may be concerned that their clubs might, at some point in the future, face a similar threat.

The Trust hopes Assem and Ehab Allam reflect on the FA’s decision, that they cease using the meaningless terms “Hull Tigers” and “Hull City Tigers” all the time and instead embrace the club’s proper name once again. If they do continue to pretend the club’s name is anything other than Hull City AFC, Hull City Supporters’ Trust will oppose them as vigorously as we are able; we recognise the value of both the football club and the city, even if they do not.

This is a real opportunity for Assem and Ehab Allam to rebuild their relationship with supporters and to start seeing Hull City fans as passionate friends that sustain the club, not unwanted guests at a private party.   Should the owners do so, HCST would welcome the chance to engage positively with them and help our club move forward – with ambition and tradition.


Next weekend the Trust will be tabling two motions at the Football Supporters’ Federation Annual General Meeting. If these are passed, the FSF (which has a seat on the FA Council) will engage with the FA to strengthen the latter’s rules on heritage issues so that a football club’s playing name, badge, colours and so forth cannot be changed without proper consultation with that club’s supporters, and that a club’s media should use only those approved elements in communications and publicity. We hope that fans of other clubs don’t have to experience the angst that City fans have endured over the past two years.