Contrasting views

May 16, 2015

The Guardian and the Telegraph provide different takes on the situation at City.  Who’d have thought?

The Guardian’s David Conn points to “bad feeling over issues which have looked unnecessary and avoidable” and looks at the name-change and, in particular, the Airco debacle.  He speaks to Mark Gretton, our chair, but the club failed to respond to his request to speak with Assem Allam.  Conn concludes:

“If Bruce’s team do not clamber to Premier League survival, this will be an ignominious way for Hull City to go down, with a star player testing positive for cocaine, and owners having evicted community volunteers.”

The Telegraph’s Luke Edwards does get to speak to Allam, and conducts an uncritical interview (and haven’t we read or heard too many of these?) with the “benevolent” owner, who claims to be working for the silent majority of fans.  The only new ‘fact’ presented here – if true – is that Allam says he hasn’t spoken to Bruce for weeks.

Read both articles here: