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The HCST Board are acutely aware of the current unrest in the ranks of Hull City Supporters, after all that’s what all of us involved with the Trust are…..Supporters!
We’ve had requests for updates and protest action both from members and also the wider City fan base. Feelings are running high throughout the fan base, which has obviously not been helped by team performances and results on the field, as well several backroom departures from the first team, (to a certain club in the West Midlands), and of course the continuing saga of several bidding consortia being linked as ‘in talks’ with the Allams over a potential purchase of our beloved club.
The protests which took place at the opening match day against Leicester City gained media coverage both in the UK and Internationally, however it was clear that protesting in the stadium wasn’t supported by as many fans as on previous occasions, possibly due to the huge queues of fans still trying to get in to the ground at kick off time or perhaps due to so many long serving, true and loyal City fans now boycotting the much maligned ‘Membership Scheme’. Our view is that continued protests inside the ground won’t achieve our aims of encouraging the Allam family to sell up to new owners or engage in meaningful dialogue.
As you may be aware, the HCST Board meets up bi-monthly with our next meeting scheduled for this Monday, (November 7th). During this meeting, we will be discussing some potential actions with the aim of accelerating the sale of the club.

In the meantime we continue to hope that performances on the field improve, starting on Sunday against Southampton, and in particular that Ehab Allam progresses the sale of the club nearer to a point of completion.

Both the above are big challenges, but as ever, we as Hull City fans continue to live in hope of a brighter future……….something we’ve become very accustomed to over the years!


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