Campaign Launch: Will you join us and #AskEhab?

November 18, 2016

During their six year ownership the Allam family have provided us fans with some brilliant quotes. In the early years these quotes, usually promises and pledges, were the basis of what we then thought was a promising future ahead for our club. Now, six years on, it’s becoming easier and easier to see them for what they really are – empty devices of spin and misinformation. That’s why today, we are launching our #AllamQuotes campaign.

Each week we plan on looking at a unique, and fully referenced, #AllamQuote from the past six years, before then openly and fairly examining to what extent this quote was actually acted upon, with the aim of exposing the current regime’s spin for what it really is.

For example, let’s look at this week’s quote:

“Watching football should be like breathing air – free of charge.” (Assem Allam, 2010)

Six years on, quite remarkably, concession ticketing has been totally abolished at the KCOM, and for example, today, a ten year old wanting to attend every home game this season will have to pay £336.00 (up from £79.00 last season). No quite as cheap as ‘breathing air’, ay, Dr Allam?

So, on the back of this week’s quote, we would like to #AskEhab: While we all understand that, unfortunately, watching football cannot be literally ‘free of charge’, how can you possibly justify a price increase of this size for junior Hull City Fans?

What is your favourite #AllamQuote, and, on the back of that, what would you like to #AskEhab? Get in touch with us via email, Twitter or Facebook to let us know. Each week a winner will be drawn out of a hat and receive a HCST prize.

3 thoughts on “Campaign Launch: Will you join us and #AskEhab?”

  • http://Chris%20bird

    For me it’s got to be i will be gone in 24 hours.
    No mention of the 130 million or imposing his ridiculous son on us

    • Bit out with you 10 year old price Greg.
      I think I paid £65 last seaon Now I think it is £480 West stand lower same price for all.

      • http://Ryan%20(HCST)

        Hi Geoff. The price of £336 is the lowest one can possibly pay for a season of home matches at Hull City, although as you rightly point out, some areas are vastly more expensive than that, and the huge increases in these areas combined with removing concessions has made it ridiculously unaffordable for some people to watch their team in the seat they’ve sat in for years.

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