#AllamQuotes campaign – 23.12.16

December 23, 2016

The Trust’s #AllamQuotes campaign is determined to expose the current regime’s rhetoric and spin for what it really is. To do this we are simply looking back at Allam family quotes, before then openly and fairly examining to what extent this quote was actually acted upon. Let’s have a look at this week’s #AllamQuote…


“If they want to express their feelings they are free to do so, either outside the stadium or pay to take space. Seriously, they are welcome to talk to the stadium management about buying a space for a permanent banner, 10 times as big if they want. I am a supporter of democracy. I would have no issue with that.” (Assem Allam, December 2013)

On the back of this week’s #AllamQuote, we would like to #AskEhab: In light of John Oxley’s exclusion order following his peaceful pre-match protest, banning him from all events at the KCOM until the end of this season, would you still consider yourself a supporter of democracy?

What is your favourite #AllamQuote, and, on the back of that, what would you like to #AskEhab? Get in touch with us via email, Twitter or Facebook to let us know, and be in with a chance of winning a HCST prize.

3 thoughts on “#AllamQuotes campaign – 23.12.16”

  • http://Mr%20Thompson

    Do you really expect a sponsor of the club who unveils an anti Allam banner to be treated in anybother way?
    You lot really are ridiculous.

    • http://Ryan%20(HCST)

      He didn’t break any rules, and as this article explains, he only did exactly what Assem Allam had invited supporters to do: pay for the opportunity to protest. Yet he is banned from watching his team which is wholly unfair. And this is the problem, the Allams say something and do the opposite. They simply can’t be trusted.

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