#AllamQuotes campaign – an update

As the HCST continue to look to develop a working relationship with the club, the Board have decided to attempt to remove any possible barriers preventing this. In this vein, we are putting an end to our popular #AllamQuotes campaign after several successful months.

As always, the Trust is working very hard behind the scenes to forge a relationship with our club, specifically to discuss issues which our members are openly concerned about, such as the membership scheme, fan forums and an away ticket initiative. While popular, we feel removing a potential ‘barrier’ such as the #AllamQuotes campaign may once again demonstrate that the HCST Board and Membership are totally determined to back Marco Silva and give the team all of our backing, as always, while also continuing to seriously push for the re-opening of an honest, open and transparent dialogue between the club and it’s fans.

With this in mind, with our final weekly #AllamQuotes newsletter feature, we would like to #AskEhab if he will he do the same, removed any potential barriers, and develop a working relationship with the HCST and more generally the supporters?

2 thoughts on “#AllamQuotes campaign – an update”
  1. I hope Ehab does and we can all work towards securing our position in the Premier League and as a stable, top flight team. It’s great to see the support returning and getting behind Marco and the rejuvenated squad despite ongoing dissatisfaction with the Allams. For the first time since the first few games of the season it’s been a real joy to watch city play again.

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