#AllamQuotes campaign – 25.11.16

As we reported last week, the Trust’s new #AllamQuotes campaign is determined to expose the current regime’s rhetoric and spin for what it really is. To do this we are simply looking back at Allam family quotes, before then openly and fairly examining to what extent this quote was actually acted upon. Let’s have a look at this week’s #AllamQuote…

“Clubs should be encouraged – by a penalty system – to ensure crowds are close to capacity…. If, for instance, a game is not televised and played at 3pm on a Saturday then the attendance should be at least 90 per cent of capacity, maybe 95 per cent. Anything less and the club will be penalised financially” (Ehab Allam, 2016).

This week, we would like to #AskEhab the following: Considering that during this season the club’s home attendances have consistently hovered around the 60-75% of full capacity mark, what financial penalties should the Allam-run Hull City receive this season?

We would like to thank Chris (@sir_cornflake) for providing this week’s #AllamQuote and subsequent question to #AskEhab – a HCST #AskEhab t-shirt will be on its way to you, sir!

What is your favourite #AllamQuote, and, on the back of that, what would you like to #AskEhab? Get in touch with us via email, Twitter or Facebook to let us know, and be in with a chance of winning a HCST prize.

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