#AllamQuotes campaign – 05.01.17

The Trust’s #AllamQuotes campaign is determined to expose the current regime’s rhetoric and spin for what it really is. To do this we are simply looking back at Allam family quotes, before then openly and fairly examining to what extent this quote was actually acted upon.
As we are all aware, it has been a big week for the club. Not only have we seen the departure of Mike Phelan as the club’s head coach and the arrival of Marco Silva, Wednesday also marked the 1,000th day Hull City has been a club up for sale. To mark this depressing landmark, we look back at a sale-specific #AllamQuote…


“This announcement is in accordance with my decision 10 months ago that I would walk away within 24 hours (if the re-brand was unsuccessful). In actual fact it was 22 hours. When I say something I mean it. I don’t call bluffs” (Assem Allam, 2014).

This quote, which I am sure many Hull City fans will recognise as dating from just after the club’s second unsuccessful re-brand attempt in September 2014, represents surely one of Dr Allam’s most farcical promises. Now, after two separate threats to ‘walk away within 24 hours’ if he did not get is own way, and over 1000 days since the club was first put up for sale, the Allam family still own our club. Therefore, on the back of this week’s #AllamQuote, we would like to #AskEhab: Firstly, if you were so adamant about walking away, two and a half years later, why are you still here? And secondly, if you are serious about selling the club, and judging by your quotes the sooner the better, why are you still in charge of the club 1000 days after initially putting it up for sale, despite several well-publicised interested parties and offers?

What is your favourite #AllamQuote, and, on the back of that, what would you like to #AskEhab? Get in touch with us via email, Twitter or Facebook to let us know, and be in with a chance of winning a HCST prize.

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